"On Borrowed Time" - 48th Street Theatre (1953)

Our playbill for this production of "On Borrowed Time" at the 48th Street Theatre is dated the week beginning Monday, March 9, 1953 and hand dated March 14th. The man who saw the show made a notation that Dorothy Patten, understudy, played the role of Demetria Riffle that night.


Name Role
David John Stollery Pud
Victor Moore Julian Northrup
Beulah Bondi Nellie Northrup
Leo G. Carroll Mr. Brink
Melinda Markey Marcia Giles
Kay Hammond Demetria Riffle
Dorothy Patten Demetria Riffle understudy
Robert Kaline Boy
Gerald Milton Workman
Thayer Roberts Dr. Evans
Russell Hicks Mr. Pilbeam
Michael Jeffrey Mr. Grimes
Larry Barton Sheriff


Name Position
Richard W. Krakeur Producer
Randolph Hale Producer
William G. Costin, Jr. Associate Producer
Paul Osborn Playwright
Marshall Jamison Director
Paul Morrison Scenery, Lighting & Costumes
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