"A Touch of the Poet" by Eugene O'Neill

It and its sequel, "More Stately Mansions", were intended to be part of a nine-play cycle entitled "A Tale of Possessors Self-Dispossessed".


The action of the play takes place in the dining room of Melody's Tavern, in a village a few miles from Boston, July 27, 1828.


  • Mickey Maloy
  • Jamie Cregan
  • Sara Melody
  • Nora Melody
  • Cornelius Melody
  • Dan Roche
  • Paddy O'Dowd
  • Patch Riley
  • Deborah (Mrs. Henry Harford)
  • Nicholas Gadsby

Production History

Date Venue Company
Dec 8, 2005 Studio 54
Dec 28, 1977 Helen Hayes Theatre
May 2, 1967 ANTA Playhouse
Oct 2, 1958 Helen Hayes Theatre
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