The original rGreenRoom project began in 2010 as a social network with participating theater companies in five countries. However, it became clear that the framework of the initial project needed to be reorganized in order to be successful. Do to certain financial limitations the initial project was put on hold and a focus was switched to the Archive that was being built in coordination with the social network. This Wiki was created in September 2012 to help facilitate the archive and to share the information from the archive with the general public. As of March 2013 we have begun developing a new site called StageArchive.com. We hope to launch this site by the end of the year.

The Archive currently has approximately 7,000 (an exact number has not yet been determined) playbills and programs from small community theaters to Broadway and the West End and dating from 1870's to the present. If you would like to donate your old theatre programs, please send them to "rGreenRoom Theatre Archive" PO Box 1119, Frazier Park, California 93225.

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