"Affairs of State" by Louis Verneul


Affairs of State deals with love at high political levels in Washington, DC. An ambitious young senator from Colorado is talked into a marriage of convenience by his best friend, a sagacious elder statesman who posits the theory that marriage is a political necessity in his country. His wife, only marking time until she can free herself for the younger man, abets the plan, willing that her niece by marriage be a stand-in - and in name only. But the astute ex-Secretary of State arranges matters to go his way. When the young wife turns into a hostess of charm, performs such varied services as to make tea, research speeches and maneuver a place for her husband in the state department, the denouement is predictable.

  • Act 1, Scene 1: Middle of July. Late afternoon.
  • Act 1, Scene 2: Ten days later. 3:00pm
  • Act 2, Scene 1: Later September. 2:30pm
  • Act 2, Scene 2: Early October. 6:00pm
  • Act 3: Two days later. Afternoon.


  • Philip Russell
  • Lawrence
  • Constance Russell
  • George Henderson
  • Irene Elliott
  • Byron Winkler

Production History

Date Venue Company
Mar 23, 1953 Indiana Theatre Richmond Civic Theatre
Nov 6, 1950 Music Box Theatre
Sep 25, 1950 Royale Theatre
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