"Anna Christie" by Eugene O'Neill

"Anna Christie" is a play in four acts by Eugene O'Neill. It made its Broadway debut at the Vanderbilt Theatre on November 2, 1921. O'Neill received the 1922 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for this work.


Anna Christie is the story of a former prostitute who falls in love, but runs into difficulty in turning her life around. It takes place in about 1920.


"Johnny-the-Priest's" saloon near the waterfront, New York City


Scene 1: Ten days later. The stern of the barge, Simeon Winthrop, at anchor in the harbor of Provincetown.

Scene 2: A week later. The cabin of the barge, at dock in Boston.


Two days later


(In the order that they speak)

  • Man-at-the-bar
  • Johnny the Priest
  • 1st Longshoreman
  • 2nd Longshoreman
  • A Postman
  • Larry, the bartender
  • Chris Christopherson
  • Marthy Owen
  • Anna Christopherson
  • Mat Burke
  • Johnson

Production History

Date Venue Company
Jan 14, 1993 Criterion Center Stage Right
Apr 14, 1977 Imperial Theatre
Jan 23,1952 Lyceum Theatre
Nov 2, 1921 Vanderbilt Theatre
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