"The Elephant Man" - Booth Theatre (1979)

Our playbill for this production of "The Elephant Man" at the Booth Theatre is dated from April 1981, the month the show opened.


Name Role
Donal Donnelly Frederick Treves, Belgian Policeman
Richard Clarke Carr Gomm, Conductor
Danny Sewell Ross, Bishop Walsham How, Snork
Benjamin Hendrickson John Merrick
Jeffrey Jones Pinhead Manager, London Policeman, Will, Lord John, u/s Treves, Belgian
Etain O'Malley Streetwalker, Pinhead, Miss Sandwich, Princess Alexandria, u/s Mrs. Kendal
Carole Shelley Mrs. Kendal, Pinhead
Dennis Creaghan Orderly, u/s Manager, London, Will, Lord John
David Heiss Cellist
Mitchell Litrofsky standby for John Merrick
JoAnne Belanger u/s Miss Sandwich, Pinhead, Streetwalking, Alexandra
Peter Vogt u/s Gomm, Conductor, Ross, Bishop, Snork, Orderly
Michael Goldschlager u/s Cellist


Name Position
Richmond Crinkley Producer
Elizabeth I. McCann Producer
Nelle Nugent
Ray Larsen Associate Producer
Ted Snowdon Associate Producer
Jack Hofsiss Director
Bernard Pomerance Playwright
David Jenkins Setting
Julie Weiss Costumes
Beverly Emmons Lighting
Brent Peek Production Supervisor
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