"Sly Fox" - Broadhurst Theatre (1976)
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Our playbills for "Sly Fox" by Larry Gelbart at the Broadhurst Theatre are dated December 1976 and February 21, 1977. The cast is the same in both.


Name Role
Hector Elizondo Simon Able
George C. Scott Foxwell J. Sly, The Judge
John Heffernan Lawyer Craven
Jack Gilford Jethro Crouch
Bob Dishy Abner Truckle
Gretchen Wyler Miss Fancy
Trish van Devere Mrs. Truckle
James Gallery The Chief of Police
Guy King Crouch's Servant
Calvin Jung Sly's Servant
Sandra Seacat Sly's Servant, u/s Mrs. Truckle, Miss Fancy
Jeffrey Tambor Sly's Servant, u/s Able, Craven
John Ramsey Captain Crouch, u/s Sly, Judge
Robb Webb 1st Policeman, u/s Crouch
Willy Switkes 2nd Policeman, Bailiff, u/s Truckle, Chief
Joel Simon 3rd Policeman, u/s Policeman, Servants, Court Clerk, Bailiff
Howland Chamberlin Court Clerk, u/s Crouch


Name Position
Shubert Organization Producer
Sir Lew Grade Producer
Martin Starger Producer
Larry Gelbart Playwright
Arthur Penn Director
George Jenkins Design & Lighting
Albert Wolsky Costumes
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