"Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway"

Our playbill for "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway" is dated October 2011. The show was produced by Robert Fox and The Subert Organization with performances at the Broadhurst Theatre. Direction and Choreography were by Warren Carlyle and Music Direction was by Patrick Vaccariello.


Name Role
Hugh Jackman Himself
Robin Campbell Ensemble
Kearran Giovanni Ensemble
Anne Otto Ensemble
Lara Seibert Ensemble
Hilary Michael Thompson Ensemble
Emily Tyra Ensemble
Hugh Jackman
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Robin Campbell Kearran Giovanni Anne Otto
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Lara Seibert Hilary Michael Thompson Emily Tyra

Production Stuff

Name Position
Robert Fox Producer
The Shubert Organization Producer
Warren Carlyle Director & Choreographer
Patrick Vaccariello Music Director
Angie Canuel Associate Director
John Lee Beatty Scenic Consultant
William Ivey Long Costume Design
Ken Billington Lighting Design
John Shivers Sound Design
Alexander V. Nichols Video Design
Neil A. Mazzella Technical Supervisor
Hudson Theatrical Associates Technical Supervisor
Kim Vernace Production Stage Manager
Charles Underhill Stage Manager
Tara Rubin Casting Casting
Bespoke Theatricals General Management
Heidi Neven Company Manager
Adrian Bryan-Brown Press Rep
Jackie Green Press Rep
Kelly Guiod Press Rep
Edward J. Wilson Hair Design
Eric Woodall CSA Casting
Merri Sugarman CSA Casting
Dale Brown CSA Casting
Kaitlin Shaw Casting
Lindsay Levine Casting
John Demous Associate Lighting Design
Anthony Pearson Associate Lighting Design
Brandon Baker Asst. to the Lighting Designer
Kacie Hultgren Associate Scenic Designer
Martha Bromelmeier Associate Costume Designer
David Partridge Associate Sound Designer
David Arch Moving Light Programmer
Jim Abbott Synthesizer Programmer
Lauren Klein Production Assistant
Jimmy Maloney, Jr. Production Electrician
Ronald Schwier Head Electrician
Fran Rapp Production Carpenter
Michael Van Nest Followspot
David Patridge Head Sound
Kathleen Gallagher Wardrobe Supervisor
Geoffrey Polischuck Mr. Jackman's Dresser
Rose Keough Dresser
William Morris Entertainment Booking for Mr. Jackman
Rogers & Cowen, Inc. Press Rep for Mr. Jackman
John Macks Writing Consultant for Mr. Jackman
Irving Milgrom Asst. to Mr. Jackman
Sarah Richardson Asst. to Mr. Fox
Drew Hodges Advertising
Jim Edwards Advertising
Tom Greenwald Advertising
Y. Darius Suyama Advertising
Caraline Sogliuzzo Advertising
Sarah Fitzpatrick Online
Kristen Bardwil Online
Meghan Ownbey Online
Marc Mettler Online
Matt Wilstein Online
Elliott H. Brown Legal Counsel
Jonathan A. Lonner Legal Councsel
Robert Fried Accountant
Tabitha Falcone Comptroller
Gregg Arst Ticketing
Steve Dow General Management Associate
Libby Fox General Management Associate
David Roth General Management Associate
Danielle Saks General Management Associate
Rodney Roth General Management Intern
Chris Boneau Press Office Staff
Jim Byk Press Office Staff
Linnae Hodzic Press Office Staff
Jessica Johnson Press Office Staff
Kevin Jones Press Office Staff
Amy Kass Press Office Staff
Holly Kinney Press Office Staff
Emily Meagher Press Office Staff
Aaron Meier Press Office Staff
Christine Oliver Press Office Staff
Joe Perrotta Press Office Staff
Matt Polk Press Office Staff
Heath Schwartz Press Office Staff
Michael Strassheim Press Office Staff
Susanne Tighe Press Office Staff
Andi Henig Travel Agent
Michelle Gibbons Banking
Lawrence Yudess, Esq. Immigration Attorney
Joan Marcus Production Photographer
Jennifer Green Physical Therapy
Dr. Weiss Orthopaedic Consultant


Name Instrument
Patrick Vaccariello Conductor
Jim Laev Associate Conductor, Piano/Synth
Tim Brown Piano vocal score preperation
Kaye-Houston Music Inc. Music copying
Martin Agee Concert Master
Fritz Krakowski Violin
Dana Ianculovici Violin
Peter Prosser Cello
Vivian Israel Cello
Ben Kono Reeds
Adam Kolker Reeds
David Young Reeds
Ron Jannelli Reeds
Trevor Neumann Trumpet
Scott Wendholt Trumpet
Tim Albright Trombone
Jack Schatz Trombone
Brian Brake Drums
Paul Nowinski Drums
JJ McGeehan Guitar
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