"Broadway" by George Abbott & Philip Dunning

The play "Broadway" was originally written by Philip Dunning but later "rejiggered" by George Abbott to make it workable for the Broadway stage. It dealt with the seedy underworld of New York during prohibition and used contemporary street slang.


A crime drama depicting the New York underworld during Prohibition.

Act 1: A spring evening, just before the first show.
Act 2: Half an hour later.
Act 3: The next night.


(In order of appearance)

  • Nick Verdis
  • Roy Lane
  • Lil Rice
  • Katie
  • Joe
  • Mazie Smith
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Grace
  • Ann
  • "Billie" Moore
  • Steve Crandall
  • Dolph
  • "Porky" Thompson
  • "Scar" Edwards
  • Dan McCorn
  • Benny
  • Larry
  • Mike

Production History

Date Venue Company
Jun 25, 1987 Royale Theatre
Sep 16, 1926 Broadhurst Theatre
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