"Same Time, Next Year" - Brooks Atkinson Theatre
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Our playbills for "Same Time, Next Year" at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway are dated May 1975 and May 1976. There were a few cast and staff changes during the one year span between these dates. The date is shown next to the name when they appear in only one of the two playbills. If no date is shown they are in both and their listing didn't change. There was only one change, in the staff Alyssa Levy was promoted from Production Assistant in 1975 to Production Secretary in 1976. Rochelle Oliver was the only original cast member to still be with the show in May of '76.


Name Role
Ellen Burstyn (May 1975) Doris
Loretta Swit (May 1976) Doris
Charles Grodin (May 1975) George
Ted Bessell (May 1976) George
Rochelle Oliver standby for Doris
Joe Ponazecki (May 1975) standby for George
Peter de Mano (May 1976) standby for George

Production Staff

Name Position
Bernard Slade Playwright
Gene Saks Director
William Ritman Set Designer
Jane Greenwood Costume Designer
Tharon Musser Lighting Designer
Dasha Epstein Producer
Edward L. Schuman Producer
Gabriel Katzka Producer
Steven Bach Producer
Morton Gottlieb Producer
Martin Cohen Company Manager
Milly Schoenbaum Press Representative
Kate Pollock Stage Manager
Edward Rush Electrician
Jerry Kaliner Propertyman
Paul Weiser (May 1975) Production Secretary
Alyssa Levy (May 1976) Production Secretary
Alyssa Levy (May 1975) Production Assistant
Penny Davis Wardrobe Supervisor
Joe Blitz (May 1975) Hairdresser
Angela Gari (May 1976) Hairdresser
David Charles Asst. to Jane Greenwood
Richard Winkler Asst. to Tharon Musser
Kathy Rowe (May 1976) Press Secretary
Matthew Serino Advertising
Harold Friedlander Printing
King Display Theatre Displays
Jerry Sapper Theatre Displays
Martha Swope Photographer
Belle Oring Insurance
Delta Consultants Merchandising
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