"Grease" - Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Our playbills of "Grease", performed at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway, are dated July 2007 and July 2008. The show didn't officially open until August 19, 2007, showing that the early program, which has a picture of Sandy and Danny on the cover, is from the preview performances before opening. It should also be noted that the actors who play Danny (Max Crumm) and Sandy (Laura Osnes) were hired through a televised reality television audition process.

Cast (July 2007)

Name Role Date
Max Crumm Danny Zuko July 2007
Derek Keeling Danny Zuko July 2008
Laura Osnes Sandy Dumbrowski July 2007
Ashley Spencer Sandy Dumbrowski July 2008
Matthew Saldívar Kenickie July 2007 & July 2008
José Restrepo Sonny LaTierri July 2007 & July 2008
Daniel Everidge Roger July 2007
Will Blum Roger July 2008
Ryan Patrick Binder Doody July 2007 & July 2008
Jenny Powers Betty Rizzo July 2007
Janine DiVita Betty Rizzo July 2008
Robyn Hurder Marty July 2007 & July 2008
Lindsay Mendez Jan July 2007 & July 2008
Kirsten Wyatt Frenchy July 2007 & July 2008
Allison Fischer Patty Simcox July 2007 & July 2008
Jamison Scott Eugene Florczyk July 2007 & July 2008
Susan Blommaert Miss Lynch July 2007 & July 2008
Jeb Brown Vince Fontaine July 2007 & July 2008
Natalie Hill Cha-Cha DiGregorio July 2007 & July 2008
Stephen R. Buntrock Teen Angel July 2007 & July 2008
Taylor Hicks Teen Angel July 2008 & July 2008
Jim Jacobs Scientist July 2008
Brian Sears Hero July 2008
Christina Sivrich Sheila July 2008
Natalie Hill ensemble July 2007
Joseph Franklin ensemble July 2007
Cody Green ensemble July 2007
Emily Padgett ensemble July 2007
Keven Quillon ensemble July 2007 & July 2008
Brian Sears ensemble July 2007
Christina Sivrich ensemble July 2007
Anna Aimee White ensemble July 2007 & July 2008
Josh Rouah ensemble July 2008
Allie Schulz ensemble July 2008
Amber Stone swing July 2007 & July 2008
Matthew Hydzik swing July 2007
Ashley Arcement swing July 2008
Freddy Ramirez swing July 2008

Hand-Jive Specialty Dancers (not specified in July 2007)

Matthew Hydzik Hand-Jive Specialty Dancer July 2008
Amber Stone Hand-Jive Specialty Dancer July 2008
Anna Aimee White Hand-Jive Specialty Dancer July 2008
Joe Komara Hand-Jive Specialty Dancer July 2008
Keven Quillon Hand-Jive Specialty Dancer July 2008

Vel-Doo-Rays (not specified in July 2007)

Josh Rouah Vel-Doo-Rays July 2008
José Restrepo Vel-Doo-Rays July 2008
Jamison Scott Vel-Doo-Rays July 2008
Brian Sears Vel-Doo-Rays July 2008

Understudies (alphabetical order)

Name Parts Date
Joseph Franklin Danny, Vince July 2007
Cody Green Kenickie, Sonny July 2007
Natalie Hill Rizzo, Marty July 2007
Matthew Hydzik Danny, Teen Angel July 2007 & July 2008
Matthew Hydzik Kenickie July 2008
Joe Komara Sonny & Eugene July 2008
Emily Padgett Sandy, Patty July 2007
Keven Quillon Sonny, Roger July 2007 & July 2008
Keven Quillon Doody July 2008
José Restrepo Kenickie July 2008
Josh Rouah Danny, Vince & Teen Angel July 2008
Allie Schulz Sandy, Patty, Cha-Cha July 2008
Jamison Scott Vince Fontaine July 2008
Brian Sears Doody, Eugene July 2007 & July 2008
Brian Sears Roger July 2008
Christina Sivrich Jan, Miss Lynch July 2007 & July 2008
Amber Stone Jan, Cha-Cha July 2007
Amber Stone Betty, Jan, Frenchy, Cha-Cha July 2008
Anna Aimee White Sandy, Marty, Patty July 2007 & July 2008

Production Staff (July 2007)

Name Position
Jim Jacobs Book, Music and Lyrics
Warren Casey Book, Music and Lyrics
Kathleen Marshall Director & Choreographer
Derek McLane Scenic Design
Martin Pakledinaz Costume Design
Kenneth Posner Lighting Design
Brian Ronan Sound Design
Paul Huntley Wig and Hair Design
Joseph Dulude II Make-Up Design
Amber Stone Dance Captain July 2007 & July 2008
Keven Quillon Asst. Dance Captain July 2008
Jay Binder, C.S.A. Casting
Megan Larche Casting
Mark Brandon Casting
Sara Schatz Casting
Nikole Vallins Asst Casting
Allison Estrin Asst Casting
Kimberly Grigsby Music Director
Christopher Jahnke Orchestrator
Howard Joines Music Coordinator
Arthur Siccardi Production Management
Marc Bruni Associate Director
Joyce Chittick Associate Choreographer
David John O'Brien Production Stage Manager
Beverly Jenkins Stage Manager
Stephen R. Gruse Asst Stage Manager
The Charlotte Wilcox Company General Manager
Paul Nicholas Producer
David Ian Producer
Nederlander Presentations Inc. Producer
Terry Allen Kramer Producer
John Barlow Press Representative
Michael Hartman Press Representative
Ryan Ratelle Press Representative
James Lawson Company Manager
Megan Trice Asst Company Manager
Jenny Hogan Asst to the Director
Ted Lefevre Associate Scenic Design
Anne Allen Goelz Asst Scenic Design
Shoko Kambara Asst Scenic Design
Eric Hemminger Asst to the Scenic Designer
Court Watson Asst to the Scenic Designer
Matthew Pachtman Associate Costume Design
Sarah Sophia Turner Asst Costume Design
Tescia Seufferlein Asst to the Costume Designer
Aaron Spivey Associate Lighting Design
Kathleen Dobbins Asst Lighting Design
David Arch Moving Light Programmer
Michael Creason Asst. Sound Design
James Fedigan Production Electrician
Randall Zaibek Production Electrician
Gerard Griffin Production Carpenter
Brian Hutchinson Production Flyman
Benjamin Horrigan Automation Carpenter
Brian GF McGarity Head Electrician
Michael Farfalla Production Soundman
TJ McEvoy Deck Sound
Christopher Pantuso Production Properties
Lisa Tucci Wardrobe Supervisor
Karen L. Eifert Asst. Wardrobe Supervisor
Elizabeth Cline Dresser
Hilda Garcia-Suli Dresser
Wendall Goings Dresser
Rosemary Keough Dresser
Geoffrey Polischuk Dresser
Cheryl Widner Dresser
Dana Calahan Stitcher
Giovanna Calabretta Associate Wig & Hair Design
John "Jack" Curtin Hair Supervisor
Armando Licon Hair Dresser
Chris Fenwick Associate Conductor
Randy Cohen Synthesizer Programmer
Mark Cumberland Music Preparation Service
John Samorian Rehearsal Pianist
John Clancy Rehearsal Drummer
Joe Nero Rehearsal Drummer
Sally Sibson Production Asst
Jami Talbott Production Asst
Eric Walton Music Department Intern
Christopher Digsby Properties Intern
Kimberly Donowski Sound Intern
Jacob Toth SDCF Observer
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C. Legal Counsel
Elliot H. Brown, Esq. Legal Counsel
Daniel Wasser, Esq. Legal Counsel
Robert Fried Accountant
Sarah Galbraith Controller
Serino-Coyne Advertising
Angelo Desimini Advertising
Tom Callahan Advertising
Cara Christman Advertising
Matt Upshaw Advertising
David Risley / Pygmalion Designs Website Design
Bethany Larson Press Office Manager
Leslie Baden Press Office Associate
Michelle Bergman Press Office Associate
Dennis Crowley Press Office Associate
Tom D'Ambrosio Press Office Associate
Justin Magri Press Office Associate
Kevin Robak Press Office Associate
Wayne Wolfe Press Office Associate
Joan Marcus Production Photography
King Displays, Inc. Theatre Displays
Stephanie Dalton Banking
Castellana Services, Inc. Payroll Service
Christopher Raphael Opening Night Party Coordinator
Cristina Baldacci Opening Night Party Coordinator
PhysioArts Physical Therapy
Russell Beasley, LMT Massage Therapist
David S. Weiss, MD Company Orthopedist
Rick Steiner Merchandise
MCM Limelight Merchandise
Stockbridge Risk Management Insurance Consultant
Marion Finkler Taylor Information Mgmt Services
Andi Henig Travel Services

Production Staff (July 2008 changes)

The following staff members were no longer listed in the July 2008 program: Kimberly Grigsby, Beverly Jenkins, Justin Magri and Kevin Robak. There were, however, several staff additions or changes. They are as follows:

Name Position
Chris Fenwick Music Director
Stephen R. Gruse Stage Manager
Colleen Danaker Asst. Stage Manager
Melissa Bixler Press Representative
Armando Licon Asst. Hair Supervisor
Jorie Malan Hair Dresser
Jim Mironchik Asst Synthesizer Programmer
Matt Shea Press Office Associate
Christine D'Arienzo Production Consultant


The only changes in the band between July 2007 and July 2008 had to do with the departure of Kimberly Grigsby, the conductor. Chris Fenwick was then promoted to conductor and John Samorian joined to take his place.

Name Instruments
Kimberly Grigsby Conductor, Synthesizer (July 2007)
Chris Fenwick Conductor, Synthesizer (July 2008)
Chris Fenwick Associate Conductor, Piano, Synthesizer (July 2007)
John Samorian Associate Conductor, Piano, Synthesizer (July 2008)
John Clancy Drums
Michael Blanco Bass
Michael Aarons Guitars
Jim Hershman Guitars
John Scarpulla Tenor Sax, Woodwinds
Jack Bashkow Woodwinds
Howard Joines Music Coordinator
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