"Shenandoah" - California Theater (1890)


Name Role
James O. Barrows Sgt. Barket

Our information for "Shenandoah" at the California Theater is based on ads and the below article published in The Call in April of 1890.

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - April 22, 1890


Manager Harry Mann of the California Theater received a telegram Sunday from Mr. Al Hayman's representative in New York City describing the last night of "Shenandoah" in that city, at the Twenty-third Street Theater. Every seat, box and every available space of standing room was occupied and the management notified before the curtain was raised by the police to stop selling tickets. The company left by special train at the conclusion of the performance direct from this city. The sale of seats began yesterday and was surprisingly large.

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - May 11, 1890

Howard's War Drama

Will enter on its third and last week at the California to-morrow night. Tuesday following, the first anniversary of the theater in its new form, will be recognized by a handsome souvenir. There have been crowded houses every night to see "Shenandoah" since its return, and the play appears to be one in which the public interest never flags. So much has been said of it, so much written of its details, and to point out dramatic beauties lurking half hidden to the general public, and that are only fully perceptible to the critical eye, that the range of description is worn almost threadbare. There is one character, however, that will bear referring to time and again, and that is the Sergeant Barket of Mr. James O. Barrows. This is acting in a genuine form. Not sketchy and incomplete, but with such body, color and expression that it is a benefit to even the most stolid auditor, inasmuch as it incites almost involuntarily to study and mental analysis, in order to find wherein the interest lies. Barrows is a modern actor, playing with the honest purpose and in the light of the old school.

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