"Crime" by Samuel Shipman & John B. Hymer

This play, the full title being "Crime: A Melodrama of New York's Underworld", by Samuel Shipman and John B. Hymer was produced on Broadway during the summer of 1927. However, there seems to be some confusion about where it played. The internet broadway database shows that this production opened at the Eltinge Theatre on February 22, 1927, but the playbill in our archive shows this production at the Times Square Theatre and is dated June 16, 1927. The casts are the same. We have also found newspaper articles in Chicago in August of 1927 that refer to the company "long run at the Times Square". The production couldn't have been at Times Square in February of 1927 however, because the long running "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" was playing there through March. So it seems that the production opened at the Eltinge Theatre in February and then transferred to the Times Square Theatre, probably in March or early April, where it stayed until moving on to Chicago in August.


Time: The Present (1927)
Place: New York City

Act I

Scene 1: A secluded spot in Central Park at 10:30 PM on a June evening.
Scene 2: The living-room of Frank Smiley's apartment on Riverside Drive, two hours later.

Act II

Scene 1: The living-room at Eugene Fenmore's One week later. 3:00 PM.
Scene 2: The same place 11 hours later, 2AM.


Scene 1: Exterior of Goldberg's Jewelry Shop on Broadway at 9:00AM the following day.
Scene 2: Eugene Fenmore's. 10:00PM the same day.

Act IV

Scene 1: The "Hellsden Club." 3:00AM the next morning.
Scene 2: Office of Inspector of Police, the following morning.


  • Annabelle Porter
  • Tommy Brown
  • Woman
  • Man
  • Officer
  • Rocky Mosby
  • Spat
  • Dorothy Palmer
  • Frank Smiley
  • Marjorie Grey
  • William A. Emory
  • Eugene Fenmore
  • Mouse Turner
  • Billy
  • Spud
  • Dinkey
  • Jimmy
  • Ken
  • Pedestrian No. 1
  • Pedestrian No. 2
  • Clerk
  • Spectator
  • Waiter No. 1
  • Waiter No. 2
  • Fluffy Girl
  • Old Gentleman
  • Manager of Club
  • Milly
  • Capt. Gargan
  • Lieut. Tierney
  • Inspector McGuinness
  • Tony
  • Stenographer
  • Voice on Radio

Production History

Date Venue Company
?Apr 1927 Times Square Theatre
Feb 22, 1927 Eltinge Theatre
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