"Tommy" - Eltinge Theatre (1927)
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Our playbill of "Tommy" has a printed date of the week beginning Monday evening, June 27, 1927. It is from our "Uncle Wesley" collection, a small lot of playbill's collected by a young lady in the summer of 1927.


Name Role
Florence Walcott Mrs. Wilson
Peg Entwistle Marie Thurber
Alan Bunce Bernard
Maidel Turner Mrs. Thurber
Lloyd Neal Mr. Thurber
Sidney Toler David Tuttle
William Janney Tommy Mills
Ben Johnson Judge Wilson

Production Staff

Name Position
Howard Lindsay Playwright, Staging
Bertrand Robinson Playwright, Staging
George C. Tyler Director
Franklin Simon & Company Tommy frock, coat & hat
Liberty Construction Co Set Construction
Gates & Morange Set Painting
William Bradley Studios Properties
A. Greshoff Electrical
Lester Bryant Managing Director
Ray Bryant Treasurer
Mel Hanney Asst. Treasurer
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