Emily Soldene (1838-1912)

Emily Soldene (30 September 1838 – 8 April 1912) was an English singer, actress, director, theatre manager, novelist and journalist of the late Victorian era and the Edwardian period. She was one of the most famous singers of comic opera in the late nineteenth century, as well as an important director of theatre companies and later a celebrated gossip columnist.

Soldene was born in Clerkenwell, London. Her mother was Priscilla Swain Fuller (1812–1900), and although she was apparently the product of a bigamous marriage, she was raised as the daughter of Edward Fuller Solden (1805–1873). In 1859 she married law clerk John Powell (1834?–1881) and gave birth to her first child before she began to study singing in 1861 with William Howard Glover. Soldene had four children, one of whom became a comedian and dancer, Pip Powell. In 1906, a benefit was held for Soldene at the Palace Theatre. She died of a heart attack at her lodgings in Bloomsbury at the age of 73 and is buried in the graveyard of Shirley Church, London.

Production History

Date Play Venue Role
Apr 28, 1890 Orpheus & Eurydice Tivoli Opera
Apr 14, 1890 Drum Major's Daughter Tivoli Opera
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