"Her Cardboard Lover" - Empire Theatre
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Our playbill of "Her Cardboard Lover" by Jacques Deval, Valerie Wyngate and P. G. Wodehouse, produced by Gilbert Miller and A. H. Woods at Empire Theatre, is from our "Uncle Wesley" collection. This small lot of playbill's was collected by a young woman in the summer of 1927. The only identification to her was the occasional reference to uncle Wesley who went with her to the theater.


Name Role
Ernest Stallard Monsieur Bonnavant
Arthur Lewis Charly
Terence Neil Paul Guisard
Leslie Howard Andre Sallicel
Charles Esdale A Croupier
Jeanne Eagels Simone
Henry Vincent Cloak room attendant
Stanley Logan Tony Lagorce
Valerie Wyngate Albine

Production Staff

Name Position
Gilbert Miller Producer
A. H. Woods Producer
Jacques Deval Playwright
Valerie Wyngate Adaptation
P. G. Wodehouse Adaptation
W. E. Castle Settings
Hampton Shops 2nd & 3rd Act furnishings
Lucille, Ltd. Miss Eagels' 1st Act gown
Mme. Frances Dresses & negligees
Bob, Inc. Miss Eagel's
Whiting and Davis Miss Eagels gold mesh bag
Van Raalte Silk stockings
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