"I Love My Wife" - Ethel Barrymore Theatre (1977)
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We have four playbill's for this production of "I Love My Wife", which opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on April 17, 1977 after seven previews and closed May 20, 1979 after 857 performances. Our playbills include two duplicates dated from April 1977 and two additional copies from September and November of 1978. One of the April 1977 copies is from our Playbill Binder collection.


Name Role Date
Irene Graff Cleo Apr 1977
Joanna Gleason Monica Apr 1977
James Naughton Wally Apr 1977
Michael Mark Stanley, u/s Harvey Apr 1977
Joe Saulter Quentin Apr 1977
John Miller Harvey Apr 1977
Ken Bichel Norman Apr 1977
Lenny Baker Alvin Apr 1977
Warren Benbow u/s Quentin Apr 1977
Joel Mofsenson u/s Norman Apr 1977
Michael Sergio u/s Stanley Apr 1977

Production Staff

Name Position Date
Joseph Kipness Producer Apr 1977
Terry Allen Kramer Producer Apr 1977
Harry Rigby Producer Apr 1977
Gene Saks Director Apr 1977
Michael Stewart Book & Lyrics Apr 1977
Cy Coleman Music Composed & Arranged Apr 1977
David Mitchell Scenery Apr 1977
Gilbert V. Hemsley, Jr. Lighting Apr 1977
Ron Talsky Costumes Apr 1977
John Miller Musical Direction Apr 1977
Lou Gonzalez Sound Design Apr 1977
Frank Montalvo Associate Producer Apr 1977
Onna White Musical Numbers Staged Apr 1977
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