"Five Finger Exercise" by Peter Shaffer

"Five Finger Exercise" is a play by Peter Shaffer. The play premièred at the Comedy Theatre in London's West End in February 1959, and opened at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway on December 2, 1959 and closed October 1, 1960 after 337 performances. The young Juliet Mills, a teenager at the time, played the role of Pamela Harrington, and was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance.


It follows a few days in the lives of the Harringtons, who are at war. While the husband and wife fight each other, the son and daughter are on the same path. Then, when a music teacher comes in, things begin to change, until other things start to threaten the peace.

Scene: The action of the play takes place in the Stanley Harrington's weekend country house in Suffolk, England.

Act 1, Scene 1: A Saturday morning in early September. Breakfast time.
Act 1, Scene 2: Late October. After dinner Saturday night.
Act 2, Scene 1: The following morning, a Sunday. Breakfast.
Act 2, Scene 2: Sunday night. After dinner.


  • Louise Harrington
  • Stanley Harrington
  • Clive Harrington
  • Pamela Harrington
  • Walter Langer

Production History

Opening Venue 2021
1961 St. John's Cathedral x
Dec 2, 1959 Music Box Theatre
Feb 1959 Comedy Theatre
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