"Flower Festival in Genzano" by Edvard Halsted, Holger Simon Paulli & August Bournonville

"The Flower Festival in Genzano" (Danish: Blomsterfesten i Genzano) is a one-act ballet by Danish choreographer and balletmaster August Bournonville (1805–1879). Bournonville created the work for Denmark's Royal Ballet in 1858 on the basis of the general enthusiasm among Danes for Italy. The libretto is taken from a tale found in Impressions de Voyage by Alexandre Dumas and tells the story of two real-life lovers, Rosa and Paolo. The music is by Edvard Helsted and Holger Simon Paulli.


  • Rosa
  • Paolo

Production History

Date Venue Company
Dec 26, 1974 Uris Theatre
Dec 19, 1858 Denmarks' Royal Ballet
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