George White's "Scandals"

George White's "Scandals" was an successful annual (or semi-annual) revue show produced on Broadway by George White. The longest running of these was the 8th Annual review for 1926 which ran from June 14, 1926 to June 18, 1927 at the Apollo Theatre. Interestingly, our archive has a playbill from this long production dated June 17, 1927 (night before closing) which described this as the 8th Annual "ALL NEW" George White's "Scandals"… after a year in production. Instead of the Scandals, he produced his "Music Hall Varieties" in 1932.

As each review was different, and since they were reviews and not traditional plays, we are not including a synopsis or character list here. Please see the below production history and click on the date of the production to see the details of that review as taken from the documents in our archive.

Production History

Date Venue
Nov 6, 1939 Hollywood Theatre
Aug 28, 1939 Alvin Theatre
Dec 25, 1935 New Amsterdam Theatre
Sep 14, 1931 Apollo Theatre
Sep 23, 1929 Apollo Theatre
Jul 2, 1928 Apollo Theatre
Jun 14, 1926 Apollo Theatre
Jun 22, 1925 Apollo Theatre
Jun 30, 1924 Apollo Theatre
Jun 18, 1923 Globe Theatre
Aug 28, 1922 Globe Theatre
Jul 11, 1921 Liberty Theatre
Jun 7, 1920 Globe Theatre
Jun 2, 1919 Liberty Theatre
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