"Her Cardboard Lover" by Jacques Deval, Valerie Wyngate and P. G. Wodehouse

"Her Cardboard Lover" is an English adaptation by Valerie Wyngate and P. G. Wodehouse of the french play "Dans sa Candeur Naïve" by Jacques Deval. It was produced on Broadway in 1927 and adapted for film on several occasions.


Act 1: Bar of the Baccarat Room at the Pergola in Hendaye
Act 2: Simone's bedroom in her Paris apartment. Evening, five weeks later.
Act 3: The same. The next morning.


  • Monsieur Bonnavant
  • Charly
  • Paul Guisard
  • Andre Sallicel
  • A Croupier
  • Simone
  • Cloak room attendant
  • Tony Lagorce
  • Albine

Production History

Date Venue Company
Mar 21, 1927 Empire Theatre
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