"I Love My Wife" by Michael Stewart and Cy Coleman

I Love My Wife is a musical with a book and lyrics by Michael Stewart and music by Cy Coleman, based on a play by Luis Rego. A satire of the sexual revolution of the 1970s, the musical takes place on Christmas Eve in suburban Trenton, New Jersey, where two married couples who have been close friends since high school find themselves contemplating a ménage-à-quatre.


In Trenton, New Jersey (1977) old high school buddies Wally (now an executive in public relations) and Alvin (a furniture mover) discuss the possibility of adding some spice to their lives by having a threesome. Alvin suggests to his wife Cleo that they share their bed with Monica, Wally's wife. Cleo thinks that she would enjoy Wally. They agree that whoever enters first becomes he evening's partner, but the couple walks in together. The three discuss the situation after Monica has left, and decide on a foursome on Christmas Eve.

Alvin and Cleo arrive for dinner and the later foursome on Christmas Eve, but while Monica is initially unhappy with the arrangement, she finally agrees. Too excited to eat, they undress and get into bed and take pot to relax. As Wally suggests ideas from a sex manual, the group discards all of the ideas.


  • Cleo
  • Monica
  • Wally
  • Stanley
  • Quentin
  • Harvey
  • Norman
  • Alvin

Musical Numbers

Act One

Title Characters
We're Still Friends Full Company
Monica Alvin, Monica, The Four Guys
By Threes Wally, Alvin, Harvey
A Mover's Life Alvin, The Four Guys
Love Revolution Cleo
Someone Wonderful I Missed Monica, Cleo
Sexually Free Alvin, Cleo, Wally

Act Two

Title Characters
Hey There, Good Times Harvey, Stanley, Quentin, Norman
Lovers on Christmas Eve Monica, Wally, Norman
Scream Harvey, Stanley, Quentin, Norman
Everybody Today Is Turning On Alvin, Wally
Married Couple Seeks Married Couple Alvin, Cleo, Wally, Monica
I Love My Wife Alvin, Wally

Production History

Date Venue Company
Apr 17, 1977 Ethel Barrymore Theatre
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