"In Praise Of Love" by Terence Rattigan

"In Praise of Love" is the first part of a double bill play by English playwright Terence Rattigan, the second half being Before Dawn, a burlesque based on the opera Tosca. The play was inspired by the true-life relationship between Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall during the time of her illness and subsequent death. Rex Harrison played the role written after him, Sebastian Cruttwell, in the 1974 Broadway production. The original production was at the Dutchess Theatre in the West End.


The Cruttwell flat in the Islington section of London in the previous year (1973).

Act 1: Six o'clock on a spring evening.
Act 2: Seven o'clock the following evening.


  • Lydia Cruttwell
  • Sebastian Cruttwell
  • Mark Walters
  • Joey Cruttwell

Production History

Opening Venue Company
Apr 1, 2011 Royal Theatre (Northampton)
2006 Chichester Festival Theatre
Dec 10, 1974 Morosco Theatre
1973 Dutchess Theatre
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