Joseph Haworth

Production History

Date Venue Company
May 16, 1890 A Comical Countess
May 16, 1890 Ruy Blas
May 1890 Paul Kauver

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - May 11, 1890

Mr. Joseph Haworth will play a double bill - tragedy and comedy - next Friday evening at the Bush-street, appearing in "A Comical Countess" and Dumas' romantic play, "Ruy Blas."

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - May 11, 1890

Haworth's Life of McCullough

Mr. Joseph Haworth, of the "Paul Kauvar" Company, now at the Bush-street, is writing the life of his friend, the late John McCullough, for whom, as an actor and as a man, he expresses unbounded admiration. The book will be in the hands of the printers a month from hence. "It may provoke some criticism," he admits, "but I honestly believe it will be received as a just tribute to the worth of a great-hearted man." In the spirit with which Mr. Haworth has approached his self-imposed task the result of his labors will, we judge, be eulogistic rather than biographical.

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