"The Gift of Eternal Life" at Lobero Theatre (1929)
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This production of "The Gift of Eternal Life" by Albert Herter was staged at the old Lobero Theatre on March 20, 21, 22 and 23, 1929. The theatre, built in 1871, had been renovated just four years earlier.

In the original playbill Albert Herter gave some acknowledgments. "Mr. Herter wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness primarily to L. Adams Beck, the well-known Orientalist, for the theme of this legend and for much of its imagery; and also to Rabindranath Tagore, and to Ananda Coomaraswamy, for several lines from their writings which he has put into his own verse. An even greater debt he owes to Mrs. Jerome Chaffee, Mrs. John Frederick Murphy, and their many helpers, for their able interpretation of his costume-designs; to Douglas Parshall, John Dwight Bridge, Hartwell Ayles and W. F. Marquette, for their rendering of his sketches for the sets; and to many, many others for their untiring work on jewelry, properties, and other accessories. He wishes, in this place, to thank with profound gratitude and appreciation all those, who through their generous co-operation, have made this production possible - a labor of love and altruistic devotion to a Community effort."

Mr. Herter also gave a quote: "Send then thy Golden Messenger to free mortality from fear, since even fools now know the full futility of everlasting life on earth."


Name Role
Albert Herter The King
Catherine Wills The Queen
Margaret Pigott Gunga
David Imboden The Pangeran
Martha Foster Ahalya, Dancer
Lutah Riggs Ferouda
Ratan Devi Imami, Overture
Ruth St. Denis Rabia
Nanette Beals Fa Fa
William Hamilton Fazuldin (An Arab)
Alden Burrell Il-Abdeslam, Attendant
Sylvia Cram Namouna (A Dancer)
Thornton Woodbury A Hindu
Laura Breske Arab Girl
Yale B. Griffith Another Arab
Alfred Jarecki A Third Arab
Jack Dalton A Persian
Doris Howard Chanting Woman
Martha Baxter Chanting Woman
Andriette Bowen Chanting Woman, Other Arab/Persian
John Burton A Messenger
Winslow Bushnell First Attendant
Richard Romaine Second Attendant
Roderick Show Third Attendant, Persian, Attendant of the Pangeran
Jack Dalton Attendant
Maurice Soloman Attendant of the Pangeran, Attendant
Gabe Spaulding Attendant
John Tucker Little Bearer of the Pangeran, Attendant
Roger Casier Attendant, Other Arab/Persian
James Mentry Little Bearer of the Pangeran, Attendant
Joe Egus Little Bearer of the Pangeran, Attendant
H. F. Bailey Little Bearer of the Pangeran, Attendant
George McConnel A Merchant
Forrest Travis Page
Martin Setter Page
Mariah Curtis Pettingell Lesser Wife, "Woman Servant"
Nienke Niedermuller Lesser Wife
Lora Kimball Tilton Lesser Wife
Mercedes Mahon Lesser Wife
Margary Lewis Dancer
Iola Bauhaus Dancer
Ruth Reynolds Dancer
Hazel van Nostrand Dancer
Marion Morris Dancer
Genevieve Peake Dancer
Athea White Attendant
Virginia Edwards Attendant
Katherine Curran Attendant
Zoella Gabbert Attendant
Beulah Smith Attendant
Marvin Breckinridge Attendant
Ella Scarborough Attendant
Adele Miles Attendant
Marian Osborn Attendant
Augusta Trimble Attendant
Mary Haley Attendant
Naomi Kerr Attendant
Helen Diehl Attendant
Peggy Carroll Attendant
Catherine Green Attendant
Margaret Bailey Attendant
Helen Cooley Attendant
Molly Gray Attendant
Dot Pugh Attendant
H. F. Saxauer Other Arab/Persian
Elizabeth Peck Other Arab/Persian
Mary Graham Other Arab/Persian
Marjorie Jarecki Other Arab/Persian
Nan Ware Other Arab/Persian
Sima Seltzer Arab Dancer
Alexandra White Arab Dancer
Marianne Peck Arab Dancer
Irma Baker Arab Dancer
Nancy Means Arab Dancer
Joseph B. Wheelwright Musician
Harwood White Musician
Loring Andrews Musician
Cornell Trowbridge Musician
Eleanor Diestel Deva
Helen Burton Deva
Olivia Long Converse Deva
Caroline Herter Bridge Deva


Name Position
Community Arts Association Producer
Albert Herter Playwright
Charles H. Meredith Managing Director
Wilbert Hodgson Stage Manager
Mrs. Alonzo Klaw Production Chairman
Mrs. Jerome Chaffee Costumes
Mrs. Archie Edwards Properties
Lyle Smith Electrician
Brainerd Beckwith Publicity Director
Albert Herter Setting Design
Wilbert Hodgson Set Construction
Lyle Smith Set Construction
Miss Elizabeth Peck Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Margaret Garland Costumes Assistant
Mrs. John Frederick Murphy Costumes Assistant
Mrs. H. P. Moseley Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Wallace Frost Costumes Assistant
Mrs. George Dalton Costumes Assistant
Miss Edith Lamm Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Dwight Bridge Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Jack Burton Costumes Assistant
Miss Marian Peck Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Alonzo Klaw Costumes Assistant
Mrs. George Baker Costumes Assistant
Miss Ann Woodward Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Otto Neidermuller Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Pettingell Costumes Assistant
Mrs. George Tilton Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Mary Trask Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Louis Patten Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Gartrell Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Robert E. Easton Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Eugene Patterson Costumes Assistant
Mrs. George McConnell Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Richard Smitherem Costumes Assistant
Mrs. Roy Jones Properties Assistant
Mrs. Eleanor Diestel Properties Assistant
Mrs. Donald Myrick Properties Assistant
Mrs. Helen Holman Properties Assistant
Miss Marion Lincoln Properties Assistant
Mr. W. F. Marquette Properties Assistant
Miss Ingeborg Praetorius Jewelry
Miss Lydia Herter Jewelry
Miss Elizabeth Hunter Jewelry
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