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Our playbill for "Saint Joan", the historical drama about Joan of Arc by George Bernard Shaw and performed at the Lyceum Theatre, is dated for February of 1993. Some nice additional in the playbill are a chronological history of the events that take place during the play and a map of France entitled "France at the time of Joan of Arc's Campaign 1429-1430." The map is color coded showing the area under Armagnac control and the area under Anglo-Burgundian control. It includes England, Brittany, Maine, Normandy, Picardy, Ile de France, Orleannais, Champagne, Burgundy, Holy Roman Empire, Anjou, Poitou, Touraine and Berry as well as the cities of Cherbourg, Rouen, Beauvais, Campiegne, Rheims, St. Denis, Paris, Vaucouleurs, Domremy, Troyes, Chartres, Chateaudun, Patay, Orleans, Blois, Tours, Chinon and Loches.


(In the order that the portraits were shown in the playbill.)

308165_10151268852111913_1975567860_n.jpg 156149_10151268852706913_302380255_n.jpg 536234_10151268851946913_445594636_n.jpg
David Adkins as Warwick's Page, Ensemble & Dunois' Page, Brother Martin Ladvenu, Delegate from Rome Ivar Brogger as Steward & Delegate from Rome Danny Burstein as Dunois' Page & u/s for Bluebeard
282084_10151268851826913_98154713_n.jpg 404730_10151268852531913_2138881190_n.jpg 485689_10151268852306913_498824788_n.jpg
Bill Camp as Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard) & u/s for Warwick, Dauphin Helmar Augustus Cooper as Captain La Hire Edmund C. Davys as Robert de Baudricourt & English Soldier
148796_10151268852921913_1274554083_n.jpg 58769_10151268851886913_1494834381_n.jpg 404745_10151268853776913_1014349124_n.jpg
John Franklyn-Robbins as Archbishop of Rheims & Executioner Charles Geyer as Ensemble & u/s for Baudricourt, la Trémouille,D'Estivet Richard Holmes as Ensemble & u/s Poulengey, Dunois
30342_10151268853091913_1045431105_n.jpg 307984_10151268853551913_602770032_n.jpg 401405_10151268853896913_950169186_n.jpg
Lorne Kennedy as Brother Martin Ladvenu & u/s for Court Page Nicholas Kepros as The Inquisitor Tom Lacy as La Trémouille & D'Estivet
156206_10151268852411913_456066182_n.jpg 528754_10151268853841913_132319813_n.jpg 156242_10151268853606913_486140367_n.jpg
Elizabeth Marvel as Duchesse de la Trémouille & u/s for Joan Rod McLachlan as Bertrand de Poulengey & u/s de Courcelles Peter McRobbie as Court Page & De Courcelles
576349_10151268853026913_749394243_n.jpg 251082_10151268853266913_1093642869_n.jpg 391692_10151268853696913_1416415641_n.jpg
John Neville as Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick Maryann Plunkett as Joan Remak Ramsay as Chaplain de Stogumber
198529_10151268852821913_543956210_n.jpg 603349_10151268853391913_1440174577_n.jpg 304084_10151268853176913_1655783120_n.jpg
Jay O. Sanders as Denois, Bastard of Orleans Michael Stuhlbarg as The Dauphin (later Charles VII) Louis Turenne as Peter Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais

Additional Cast

Name Role
Emily Baer Ensemble
Ted Brunson Ensemble
Roslyn Cohn Ensemble
Kam Metcalf Ensemble
Kevin Shinick Ensemble
David Watson Ensemble
Alan Mixon u/s for Cauchon, The Archbishop, Executioner
Leo Leyden u/s for Inquisitor, de Stogumber
David Rainey u/s Steward, Warwick's Page, La Hire


Name Position
National Actors Theatre Producer
Duncan C. Weldon Producer
Bernard Shaw Playwright
Michael Langham Director
Marjorie Bradley Kellogg Settings
Ann Hould-Ward Costumes
Richard Nelson Lighting
T. Richard Fitzgerald Sound
Stanley Silverman Original Music
Robert Fama Hair
Georgianne Walken & Sheila Jaffe Casting
Bonnie Panson Production Supervisor
Christopher C. Smith Technical Advisor
Perry Cline Production Stage Manager
Niko Associates, Inc. General Manager
Springer Associates, Inc. General Press Rep
Manny Kladitis Executive Producer
Erich Hammer General Management
John Springer Press Rep
Gary Springer Press Rep
Brig Berney Associate Company Manager
Marjorie Horne Stage Manager
Bruce Laurienzo Management Associates
Peter Gardner Management Associates
Jeffrey Chrzczon Asst. to Mr. Kladitis
Mark Vietor Asst Director
J. Allen Suddeth Fight Director
Vicki Davis Asst Set Designer
Teresa Snider-Stein Associate Costume Design
Tracy Christensen Asst Costume Design
Markas Henry Asst Costume Design
Tracy Campbell Costume Intern
Susan Chute Asst. Lighting Design
Ann Guzzi Press Assistant
Robert Williams Speech Consultant
Thomas Manoy Master Carpenter
Charles DeVerna Master Electrician
Joseph Belinsky Master Properties
Jean Hays Sound Operator
Richard Borman Flyman
Dave Olin Rogers Wardrobe Supervisor
Kathe Mull Asst Wardrobe Supervisor
Mark Cain Dresser
Charles Crutchfield Dresser
Steven Epstein Dresser
Joanna Viverto Dresser
Mary Lou Rios Dresser
Nicholas de Carlo Dresser
Manuela la Porte Hair Assistant
Michael Wasula Hair Assistant
Emily Baer Interns
Lisa Block Interns
Ted Brunson Intern
Roslyn Cohn Intern
Kam Metcalf Intern
Ding Pajaron Intern
Kevin Shinick Intern
Valerie Stedman Intern
David Watson Intern
DeWitt Stern, Guttman & Co, Inc. Insurance
Carol Bressi Insurance
Marsha Levy Insurance
Warren McClane House Manager
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