"The Wiz" - Majestic Theatre (1975)

Our playbill of "The Wiz" by William F. Brown and Charlie Smalls at the Majestic Theatre is dated Feb 1977.


(Order of Appearance)

Name Role
Esther Marrow Aunt Em, pit singer
Scruffy Toto
Stephanie Mills Dorothy
Toney Watkins Uncle Henry, Gatekeeper, Lord High Underling, u/s Lion, Wiz
Wendy Edmead Tornado, Crow, Kalidah, Citizen, u/s Aunt Em
Phylicia Ayers-Allen Munchkin, Field Mouse, Citizen, u/s Glinda
Leslie Butler Munchkin, Poppies, Citizen
Howard Porter Munchkin, Kalidah, Field Mouse, u/s Tinman
Lois Hayes Munchkin, Citizen, Poppies
Carl Weaver Munchkin, Field Mouse, Soldier Messenger, u/s Scarecrow
Clarice Taylor Addaperle
Ronald Dunham Yellow Brick Road, Citizen
Eugene Little Yellow Brick Road, Citizen
Rodney Green Yellow Brick Road, Citizen
Chuck Thorpes Yellow Brick Road
Gregg Burge Scarecrow
Renee Rose Crow, Poppies, Citizen
Frances Morgan Crow, Poppies, Citizen
James Wigfall Tinman
John Parks Kalidah, Citizen
Claudia Lewis Kalidah, Citizen
Gayle Turner Kalidah, u/s Dorothy
Alwin Taylor Kalidah, Citizen
Pat Estwick Poppies, Citizen, u/s Dorothy
Sam Harkness Field Mouse, pit singer
Alvin McDuffie Citizen, Winged Monkey
Kwame Johnson Citizen, u/s Tinman, Wiz
Andre de Shields The Wiz
Ruth Brisbane Evillene
Deborah Burrell Glinda, u/s Aunt Em
DeMarest Grey pit singer, swing dancer/singer
Jozella Reed pit singer, u/s Addaperle
Janyse M. Singleton pit singer, u/s Glinda
Annie Joe Edwards u/s Evillene
Al Perryman swing dancer/singer
Carl Hardy swing dancer/singer
Dyane Harvey swing dancer/singer
Alma Robinson swing dancer/singer

Production Photos

396669_10151345859796913_182478254_n.jpg 259874_10151345859816913_1383991010_n.jpg
Dorothy & the Tinman The Lion
559046_10151345859756913_1965374607_n.jpg 198296_10151345859856913_770957538_n.jpg
Addaperle & Glinda The Scarcrow


Name Position
Ken Harper Producer
William F. Brown Book
Charlie Smalls Music & Lyrics
Geoffrey Holder Director, Costumes
George Faison Choreography
Tom Pierson Musical Direction
Tom H. John Setting Design
Tharon Musser Lighting Design
Harold Wheeler Orchestrations
Charles H. Coleman Vocal Arrangement
Timothy Graphenreed Dance Arrangement
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