"The Constant Wife" - Maxine Elliott's Theatre (1926)
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Our playbill of "The Constant Wife" by W. Somerset Maugham and starring Ethel Barrymore has a printed date of the week beginning Monday evening, June 20, 1927 and is part of our "Uncle Wesley" collection. This is a small lot of playbills collection by a young lady in the summer of 1927 and kept in a leather binder. On the cover of some of the playbill's she marked that she had seen the show with "Uncle Wesley", the closest thing that we have to an identification for the owner.


Name Role
Alice John Mrs. Culver
Thomas A. Braidon Bentley
Cora Witherspoon Martha Culver
Jeanette Sherwin Barbara Fawcett
Ethel Barrymore Constance Middleton
Verree Teasdale Marie-Louise Durham
C. Aubrey Smith John Middleton, F.R.C.S.
Frank Conroy Bernard Kersal
Walter Kingsford Mortimer Durham

Production Staff

Name Position
Gilbert Miller Producer
W. Somerset Maugham Playwright
W. E. Castle Set Construction
Hampton Shops Set Furnishings
William Frank Manager
Elmer Brown Stage Manager
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