"The Spider" - Music Box Theatre
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Our playbill of "The Spider" by Fulton Oursler and Lowell Brentano, performed at the Music Box Theatre has a printed date for the week beginning Monday evening, June 13, 1927. The playbill is a part of our "Uncle Wesley" collection, so named for the reference to an "uncle Wesley" that accompanied the young lady that collected the programs to see a number of the shows.


Part Name
Wm E. Morris The Manager
Donald MacKenzie The Man
Eleanor Griffith The Girl
John F. Morrissey The Sergeant
Arthur Stuart Hull The Doctor
John Burkell Bill
Anton Ascher Dick
Priscilla Knowles Mrs. Wimbleton
Edw. Mann Harry
Murray Alper The Reporter
Walter Travers The House Leader
Thomas Findlay The Inspector
John Rogers Officer Simpson
Henry Phillippi Officer Burke
John Kelly Officer Shayne
Alfred Goldie Officer Casey
D. J. Flanagan Officer Dougherty
Charles Hamlin Officer Jones
Clifford Stone Officer Thornton
John O. Hewitt The Electrician
Roy Hargrave Alexander
H. Yano Tommy
Germaine Giroux Estelle
John Halliday Chatrand, the Great

Production Staff

Name Position
Albert Lewis Producer
Sam H. Harris Producer
Fulton Oursler Playwright
Lowell Brentano Playwright
Albert Lewis Director
Ray Perkins Incidental Music
Pathe Exchange Inc. Pathe News
Elmer Pearson General Manager
Wm. Oden Waller Setting Design
T. B. McDonald Set Construction
Wm. Hearty Set Construction
Duwico, Inc. Electrical Equipment
Seidel Studios Properties
Nat Lewis, Inc. Hosiery
Jenkins and Eaves Costume Co. Costumes
Joseph Afternoon gown for Miss Griffith
Nat Lewis, Inc. Men's furnishings
E. M. Cattle & Co., NY Spider locket design
J. Frank Gibbons Business Manager
Alex Yokel General Press Rep
Jack Kingsbury Stage Manager
Edw. Mann Ass't Stage Manager
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