"The Male Animal" - Music Box Theatre
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Our playbill of "The Male Animal", performed at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway, was dated May 24, 1952 by Norman Landau, the gentlemen who saw the original production and kept the playbill. Mr. Landau also noted that the show was "Good".


(In order of appearance)

Name Role
Eulabelle Moore Cleota
Martha Scott Ellen Turner
Elliott Nugent Tommy Turner
Nancy Nugent Patricia Stanley
Charles Boaz Wally Myers
Halliwell Hobbes Dean Frederick Damon
John Gerstad Michael Barnes
Robert Preston Joe Ferguson
Leora Thatcher Mrs. Blanche Damon
Matt Briggs Ed Keller
Dorothy Blackburn Myrtle Keller
Billy James "Nutsy" Miller
Peter Harris Newspaper Reporter

Production Cast

Name Position
John Golden Producer
James Thurber Playwright
Elliott Nugent Playwright
Michael Gordon Director
Melvin Bourne Setting
Noel Taylor Costumes
George Schaefer Artistic Supervision
Richard E. French Company Manager
Sol Jacobson Press Representative
Anne Sloper Press Representative
David Powers Press Assistant
Tom Hughes Sand Stage Manager
Peter Harris Asst. Stage Manager
Alice Cooke Casting Assistant
Clarence Van Sappe Production Assistant
Vincent Jacobi Master Electrician
Fred Stahl Master Carpenter
Daniel Griffin Master of Properties
Frances Jones Wardrobe Mistress
Jill Lippmann Play Reader
Jennie Lizotte Secretary
Theodore Vitale Transportation Agent
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