"Rashomon" - Music Box Theatre

This playbill of "Rashomon" was dated February 28, 1959 by Norman Landau, the gentlemen who saw the production and kept the playbill. He also noted that it was "excellent" and taped a review by Brooks Atkinson to the inside.

Cast (In order of appearance)

Name Role
Michael Shillo Priest
Akim Tamiroff Woodcutter
Oscar Homolka Wigmaker
Jack Bittner Deputy
Rod Steiger Bandit
Noel Willman Husband
Claire Bloom Wife
Ruth White Mother
Elsa Freed Medium
Aviva Gor u/s for Wife
Jack Bittner u/s for Bandit, Wigmaker and Woodcutter

Production Staff

Name Position
David Susskind Producer
Hardy Smith Producer
Fay Kanin Playwright
Michael Kanin Playwright
Peter Glenville Director
Oliver Messel Settings and Costumes
Jo Mielziner Lighting Design
Laurence Rosenthal Music
Michael Abbott Associate Producer
Torao Mori Swordplay Instructor
Phyllis R. Susskind Asst. to Mr. Glenville
Carl Toms Asst. to Mr. Messel
John Harvey Associate Designer to Mr. Mielziner
Tony Armstrong Jones Photographer
Maurice Seiderman Make-up Design
Herbert Harris Technical Asst. to Mr. Rosenthal
Joseph Harris General Manager
Arthur Cantor Press Representative
Gertrude Kirschner Associate Press Rep
Jose Vega Production Stage Manager
Robert Paschall Stage Manager
Fred Baker Asst. Stage Manager
Fred Golden Advertising Representative
Emaline Mechanic Production Assistant
J. I. Guise & Co. Accountants
Harold H. Stern Legal Representative
John Walters Master Carpenter
John Cooper Master Electrician
Ken Rossignol Master of Properties
Marie Mann Wardrobe Mistress
Elinor Brown Company Secretary
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