"Deathtrap" - Music Box Theatre

After a Boston tryout at the Wilbur Theatre, "Deathtrap" held the first of six previews at the Music Box Theatre on February 21, 1978 and opened on February 26. The show transferred to the Biltmore Theatre on January 7, 1982 and closed there on June 13, 1982. It ran for 1792 performances and is the longest running thriller on Broadway.

In 1982, Deathtrap was adapted into a film of the same name. It featured a romantic kiss between the two male leads. The two characters have generally been recognized as gay, though one theater publication noted in 1983 that "The homosexuality in mainstream plays such as … Deathtrap do not immediately command an audience's attention." According to Martin Andrucki, professor of theater at Bates College, "It is a gay relationship, but it's a tacit one."

Seldes appeared in every one of the play's 1,809 performances, a feat that earned her a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as "most durable actress."


Pictures as shown in the April 1978 program.

JohnWood.jpg MarianSeldes.jpg VictorGarber.jpg
John Wood as Sidney Bruhl Marian Seldes as Myra Bruhl Victor Garber as Clifford Anderson
MarianWinters.jpg RichardWoods.jpg
Marian Winters as Helga ten Dorp Richard Woods as Porter Milgrim
Name Role Playbills
John Wood Sidney Bruhl Feb & Apr 1978
Farley Granger Sidney Bruhl June 1981
Marian Seldes Myra Bruhl Feb & Apr 1978 and June 1981
Victor Garber Clifford Anderson Feb & Apr 1978
Steve Bassett Clifford Anderson June 1981
Marian Winters Helga ten Dorp Feb & Apr 1978
Elizabeth Parrish Helga ten Dorp June 1981
Richard Woods Porter Milgrim Feb & Apr 1978
William LeMassena Porter Milgrim June 1981
Patrick Horgan standby for Sidney (insert only) April 1978
Donald Barton standby for Sidney June 1981
Jan Farrand standby for Myra & Helga Feb & Apr 1978
Patricia Guinan standby for Myra & Helga June 1981
Ernest "Ernie" Townsend standby for Clifford Feb & Apr 1978

Production Staff

Original Production Staff in the April 1978 program.

Name Position
Ira Levin Playwright
Robert Moore Director
William Ritman Set Design
Ruth Morley Costume Design
Marc B. Weiss Lighting Design
Alfred de Liagre, Jr. Producer
Roger L. Stevens Producer
Oscar E. Olesen General Manager (April 1978 only)
David Hedges Company Manager (April 1978 only)
Philip Cusack Production Stage Manager (April 1978 only)
Lani Sundsten Stage Manager (April 1978 only)
Dorothy Spellman Asst. to Mr. de Liagre
Jean Bankier Asst. to Mr. Stevens
George Rondo Asst. to Robert Moore
Bruce Lynn Press Assistant (April 1978 only)
Carole Lee Carroll Asst. to Mr. Ritman (April 1978 only)
Bernard Gorelick Production Carpenter
Gershen Shevett Production Electrician
Ronald Lindholm Asst. Electrician (April 1978 only)
Steve Fishman Production Propertyman (April 1978 only)
Eoin Sprott Special Properties
Mariana Torres Wardrobe Supervisor
Ash/LeDonne Advertising
Fred Golden Advertising
Don Josephson Advertising
Sy Friedman Photography (April 1978 only)
Harvey Goldstein Attorney
Pinto, Winokur & Pagano Accountants
R. A. Boyar Insurance
King Display Inc. Theatre Display
Delta Consultants Merchandising
Don Marks Merchandising

Changes in the June 1981 program.

Name Position
C. Edwin Knill General Manager
Robert Ganshaw Press Representative
Ben Morse Press Representative
Helen Stern Press Representative
C. George Willard Press Representative
Robert St. Clair Production Stage Manager
Constance Coble Company Manager
Steven Shaw Stage Manager
Ted Killmer Press Assistant
Richard Humleker Press Assistant
Stanley Evans Press Assistant
Janalyn Travis Master Electrician
Wiley Crockett Asst. Electrician
Bruce Becker Master Propertyman
Ken Howard Photography

Production Photos

John Wood
John Wood, Marian Seldes and Victor Garber
Production1.jpg Production2.jpg
Marian Winters and Richard Woods John Wood, Marian Seldes and Marian Winters
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