"A Few Good Men" - Music Box Theatre

Our playbills for "A Few Good Men" at the Music Box Theatre are dated December 1989 and March 1990.

Cast (order of appearance)

Name Role
Ron Ostrow Sentry
Victor Love Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson
Michael Dolan Pfc. Louden Downey
Mark Nelson Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg
Tom Hulce Lt. j.g. Daniel A. Kaffee
Megan Gallagher Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway
Edmond Genest Capt. Isaac Whitaker
Robert Hogan Capt. Matthew A. Markinson
Arnold Molina Pfc. William T. Santiago
Stephen Lang Lt. Col. Nathan Jessep
Ted Marcoux Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick
Clark Gregg Lt. Jack Ross
Geoffrey Nauffts Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard
Paul Butler Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph
Fritz Sperberg Cmdr. Walter Stone
Stephen Bradbury ensemble
Jeffrey Dreisbach ensemble
Michael Genet ensemble
Joshua Malina ensemble
George Gerdes ensemble (Dec. '89 only)
Michael O'Hare encemble (Mar. '90 only)
Clark Gregg u/s for Kaffee
Joshua Malina u/s for Weinberg, Downey, Howard
Michael Genet u/s for Dawson, Santiago
Stephen Bradbury u/s for Whitaker, Markinson, Randolph
George Gerdes u/s for Jessep, Ross
Jeffrey Dreisbach u/s for Kendrick, Stone
Ron Ostrow u/s for ensemble roles
Annette Helde standby for Joanne Galloway

Production Staff

Name Position
Don Scardino Director
Aaron Sorkin Playwright
David C. Woolard Costume Design
Thomas R. Skelton Lighting Design
John Gromada Sound Score and Design
Pat McCorkle Casting
David Brown Producer
Lewis Allen Producer
Robert Whitehead Producer
Roger L. Stevens Producer
Suntory International Corporation Producer
The Shubert Organization Producer
JFK Center for the Performing Arts Producer
Stuart Thompson General Manager
David Powers Press Rep
Bruce Klinger Company Manager
Dianne Trulock Production Stage Manager
John Handy Stage Manager
David Roggensack Associate Press Rep
B. Patricia Woodbridge Asst. to Mr. Edwards
Daniele Hollywood Asst. to Mr. Woolard
Jeffrey Whitsett Asst. to Mr. Skelton
Donna Riley Asst. to Mr. Gromada
Jane Roth Asst. to Mr. Allen
Grace O'Reilly Asst. to Mr. Brown
Doris Blum Asst. to Mr. Whitehead
Mary Knorr Shubert Liaison
Hudson Scenic Design, Inc. Scenery
Neal Mazzella Technical Supervisor
Gene O'Donovan Technical Supervisor
James Spradling Production Electrician
Mary McGregor Production Sound
Elonzo Dann Wardrobe Supervisor
Robert Cybula Hair
Joseph de Filippis Production Assistant
Ruth Sussman Merchandising
Richard Cole Casting Associate
Yvonne Woods Casting Associate
Colton, Hartnick, Yamin & Sheresky Legal Counsel
Anne Stewart Fitzroy, C.P.A. Accountant
Dewitt Stern, Gutman, & Co., Inc. Insurance
Carol Bressi Insurance
Industrial Risk Specialists, Inc. Insurance Consultants
Serino Coyne, Inc. Advertising
Linda Lehman Advertising
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