"Caesar and Cleopatra" National Theatre (1949)

Our playbill for this production of "Caesar and Cleopatra" at the National Theatre is dated from the week beginning April 17, 1950.


Name Role
Cedric Hardwicke Caesar
Lilli Palmer Cleopatra
Robert Earl Jones Nubian Slave, Porter
Bertha Belmore Ftatateeta
Ronald Telfer Centurion, First Palace Official
Francis L. Sullivan Pothinus
Ivan Simpson Theodotus
Donny Harris Ptolemy
Michael Harvey Achillas
Norman Roland Belzanor, Boatman
Jules Getlin A Persian, Second Auxiliary Sentinel
Ralph Forbes Rufio
Arthur Treacher Britannus
Si Oakland Lucius Septimus
Clifford Carpenter Roman Sentinel
John Buckmaster Apollodorus
Andrew George First Auxiliary Sentinel
Harry Irvine Harpmaster
Julann Caffrey Iras
Mary Scott Charmian
John Ware Second Palace Official
Anthony Randall Major-Domo
Ralph Browne ensemble
Ernest Butler ensemble
Clem Egolf ensemble
Morgan James ensemble
Michael Lipton ensemble
Fred Meek ensemble
Arthur Popwell ensemble
Noel Robineau ensemble
Donald Symington ensemble
Mary Cunningham ensemble
Dolores Jackson ensemble
Elnora Jones ensemble
Tanagra Markham ensemble
Courtenaye Olden ensemble
Dorothy Partington ensemble
Jean Pearson ensemble


Name Position
Richard Aldrich Producer
Richard Myers Producer
Julius Fleischmann Associate Producer
Bernard Shaw Playwright
Cedric Hardwicke Director
Rolf Gerard Settings and Costumes
Jean Rosenthal Lighting
Irma Jurist Incidental Music
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