"Peggy Ann" by Herbert Fields, Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart

Peggy-Ann is a musical comedy with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Lorenz Hart and book by Herbert Fields, based on the 1910 musical Tillie’s Nightmare by Edgar Smith. The musical was considered daring for its time: there was no opening chorus and no songs for the first 15 minutes.


The plot, told in one long dream, focuses on Peggy-Ann’s dream fantasies. She is the niece of the owner of a boarding house in New York and the fiancée of a local boy. She escapes from a hum-drum life through dreams of herself as a wealthy adventuress, with a yacht and a husband.

Act I

Prologue: In the House of Mrs. Barnes, Glens Falls, NY
Scene 1: Peggy dreams she sees Fifth Avenue
Scene 2: Peggy dreams of Guy Pendleton's Department Store.


  1. "Hello" - Patricia, Fred and ensemble
  2. "A Tree in the Park" - Peggy and Guy
  3. "Howdy, Broadway" - ensemble
  4. "A Little Birdie Told Me So" - Peggy
  5. "Charming, Charming" - ensemble
  6. "Where's That Rainbow" - Peggy, Patricia and ensemble
  7. "Finale" - the company

Act II

Scene 1: Peggy dreams she owns a yacht.
Scene 2: The open sea.
Scene 3: Peggy dreams she visits the races at Havana, Cuba.
Scene 4: At Mrs. Barnes's Boarding House again.


  1. "In His Arms" - Peggy
  2. "Chuck It!" - Fred and girls
  3. "Reprise" - Peggy and Guy
  4. "Havana" - Patricia, Fred and ensemble
  5. "Maybe It's Me" - Peggy, Guy, Dolores, Patricia, Small, Alice, Fred & Wally
  6. "Give This Little Girl a Hand" - Mrs. Frost and ensemble
  7. "The Race" - The company
  8. "Finale" - The company


"As they first speak" (as listed in the original 1926 program)

  • Mrs. Frost
  • Mr. Frost
  • Dolores Barnes
  • Alice Frost
  • Guy Pendleton
  • Sally Day
  • Peggy-Ann
  • Arnold Small
  • Patricia Seymour
  • Freddie Shawn
  • Policeman
  • Miss Flint
  • Sailor
  • Mr. Fish
  • Steward

Production History

Date Venue Company
Jul 29, 1927 Daly's Theatre
Dec 27, 1926 Vanderbilt Theatre
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