Table of Contents


Name Source
Abbomonte, Roslind A Night in Spain
Abbott, Leslie The Cricket on the Hearth
Abbott, Pat The Cricket on the Hearth
Adams, Carolyn Nureyev & Friends
Adams, Maud (Miss) The Highest Bidder
Adkins, David Saint Joan
Aldredge, Tom Saint Joan
Alford, M. (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Allenby, Peggy Crime
Allister, Claud The Play's the Thing
Alper, Murray The Spider
Anderson, George A Night in Spain
Anderson, Jean les liaisons dangereuses
Anderson, Nancy Kathryn A Class Act
Anderson, Robert bio
Andorei (Mlle.) Chalet
Andreassi, Maria The Consul
Andrews, Loring The Gift of Eternal Life
Anglim, Philip The Elephant Man
Ankrum, Morris Crime
Arcement, Ashley Grease
Archer-Davenport, Isabelle (Miss) May 12, 1890
Arnold, Billy The Circus Princess
Ascher, Anton The Spider
Ashmanskas, Brooks The Ritz
Asmus, Harry Kiss Me, Kate
Astor, Philip Torch Song Trilogy
Atkinson, Ashlie The Ritz
Atwill, Lionel bio
Aurelius, Mary The Happy Time
Ayers-Allen, Phylicia The Wiz


Name Source
Baer, Emily bio
Bagwell, Marsha Chicago
Bailey, H. F. The Gift of Eternal Life
Bailey, Margaret The Gift of Eternal Life
Baker, David Aaron One Upon a Mattress
Baker, Irma The Gift of Eternal Life
Baker, Lee The Squall
Baker, Lenny I Love My Wife
Baker, Phil A Night in Spain
Baldwin, Alec Loot
Baldwin, Carol Crime
Barker, Julia A Night in Spain
Barket, James O. Shenandoah
Barry, Arthur The Circus Princess
Barrymore, Ethel The Constant Wife
Barrymore, Georige Drew bio
Bartlett-Davis, Jessie bio
Barton, Donald Deathtrap
Barton, Larry On Borrowed Time
Basil, Bee A Night in Spain
Bassett, Steve Deathtrap
Bassie, Joan In Praise of Love
Bates, Alan Look Back in Anger
Battle, Hinton Chicago
Bauer, Matt Thrill Me
Bauhaus, Iola The Gift of Eternal Life
Baunson, Ted The Seagull
Baxter, Martha The Gift of Eternal Life
Bayne, Mardi South Pacific
Beach, William The Magistrate
Beal, John The Seagull
Beals, Nanette The Gift of Eternal Life
Bedford, Brian Five Finger Exercise
Belanger, Joanne bio
Bellucci, John Ghosts
Belmore, Bertha Caesar and Cleopatra
Benbow, Warren I Love My Wife
Bergin, Daniel The Ponder Heart
Bergman, Henry The Senator
Berresse, Michael Chicago
Berry, Eric Pippin
Bertish, Suzanne The Memory of Water
Bessell, Ted Same Time, Next Year
Bichel, Ken I Love My Wife
Bieri, Ramon Death of a Salesman
Bigelow, Susan Working
Binder, Ryan Patrick Grease
Binns, Edward Ghosts
Bishop, Joseph The Ponder Heart
Biskup, Bill In Praise of Love
Bittner, Jack Rashomon
Blackburn, Dorothy The Male Animal
Blackey, Donald The Consul
Blinn, Holbrook bio
Blommaert, Susan Grease
Bloom, Claire Rashomon
Blum, Will Grease
Blythe, Frances A Night in Spain
Boardman, Constance Red
Boaz, Charles The Male Animal
Bogardus, Stephen Thrill Me
Bole, Tom Kiss Me, Kate
Bondi, Beulah On Borrowed Time
Boockvor, Steven Working
Borntrager, Laura One Upon a Mattress
Borstelmann, Jim Chicago
Bosco, Philip Saint Joan
Bosejour, Blanche (Mlle.) Chalet
Bosejour, Geo. (Mons.) Chalet
Bosejour, Madeline (Mlle.) Chalet
Boulias, William Crime
Bova, Joseph Saint Joan
Bowen, Andriette The Gift of Eternal Life
Bowman, Adrienne A Night in Spain
Bowman, Edna George White's "Scandals"
Bowman, Marie George White's "Scandals"
Bradbury, Stephen A Few Good Men
Bradley, Lisa Nureyev & Friends
Brady, Alice The Thief
Braham, Henry The Senator
Braidon, Thomas A. The Constant Wife
Brandon, Miss Ethel bio
Braun, Sam A Night in Spain
Breaux, Marc Kiss Me, Kate
Breckenridge, Josh The Ritz
Breckinridge, Marvin The Gift of Eternal Life
Breen, Margaret Peggy-Ann
Brennan, Dan Kiss Me, Kate
Brent, Michael The Circus Princess
Breske, Laura The Gift of Eternal Life
Bridge, Caroline Herter The Gift of Eternal Life
Bridges, Neill Crime
Briggs, Matt The Male Animal
Brisbane, Ruth The Wiz
Broaddus, Jim Saint Joan
Brogger, Ivar Saint Joan
Brokaw, Charles The Road to Rome
Brooks, Flo George White's "Scandals"
Brooks, Maude The Squall
Brower, Adrienne A Night in Spain
Brown, Ann One Upon a Mattress
Brown, Candy Chicago
Brown, Gilmor bio
Brown, Gwendolyn Saint Joan
Brown, Jeb Grease
Brown, Pendleton Saint Joan
Browne, Ralph Caesar and Cleopatra
Browne, Theodore The Ponder Heart
Browne, William The Circus Princess
Brunjes, Hank Chicago
Brunson, Ted Saint Joan
Brushette (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Bryant, Lester Tommy
Bryant, Michael Five Finger Exercise
Bryant, Ray Tommy
Bryant, Russell The Circus Princess
Bryner, Vera The Consul
Buckley, Betty Pippin
Buckley, Edwin The Ponder Heart
Buckmaster, John Caesar and Cleopatra
Buckstone, Rowland The Highest Bidder
Bulgakov, Barbara The Squall
Bunce, Alan Tommy
Bundsmann, Anton The Squall
Bunker, Ralph Reclining Figure
Buntrock, Stephen R. Grease
Burden, Suzanne les liaisons dangereuses
Burge, Gregg The Wiz
Burgess, Peggy A Night in Spain
Burgher, Fairfax The Road to Rome
Burghoff, Gary You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Burkell, John The Spider
Burnell, Peter In Praise of Love
Burns, Andréa The Ritz
Burrell, Alden The Gift of Eternal Life
Burrell, Deborah The Wiz
Burrows, Charles R. The Squall
Burrows, Vinie The Ponder Heart
Burstein, Danny bio
Burstyn, Ellen Same Time, Next Year
Burton, Helen The Gift of Eternal Life
Burton, John The Gift of Eternal Life
Bushnell, Winslow The Gift of Eternal Life
Butler, Ernest Caesar and Cleopatra
Butler, Leslie The Wiz
Butler, Paul A Few Good Men
Byron, Oliver May 12, 1890


Name Source
Cabot, Ann A Night in Spain
Caffrey, Julann Caesar and Cleopatra
Caine, George The White Slave
Calabrese, Maria One Upon a Mattress
Caldwell, Marie A Night in Spain
Calloway, Northern J. Pippin
Cameron, Marlene The Happy Time
Camp, Bill bio
Campbell, Robin Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Carden, James May 12, 1890
Cardinal, Arthur George White's "Scandals"
Carey, Joyce The Road to Rome
Carey-Jones, Selena Loot
Carter, Caitlin Chicago
Carmello, Carolee A Class Act
Carolan, Kevin The Ritz
Carpenter, Clifford Caesar and Cleopatra
Carroll, Leo G. On Borrowed Time
Carroll, Peggy The Gift of Eternal Life
Carruthers, James Poor Murderer
Cartwright, Walter The Show-Off
Carty, James "Jim" George White's "Scandals"
Casey, Eileen Pippin
Casier, Roger The Gift of Eternal Life
Cassidy, George Kiss Me, Kate
Castello, John Kiss Me, Kate
Chadman, Christopher Chicago
Chanler, Robert W. The Play's the Thing
Chamberlin, Howland Sly Fox
Chamberlin, Kevin The Ritz
Chambers, Dorothy The Circus Princess
Chapman, Catherine George White's "Scandals"
Chittick, Joyce One Upon a Mattress
Christie, Josephine The Cricket on the Hearth
Chrystie, Gloria A Night in Spain
Clark, Cheryl Chicago
Clark, Harry Kiss Me, Kate
Clarke, Gage The Happy Time
Clarke, Morine A Night in Spain
Clarke, Richard bio
Clay, Edwin Kiss Me, Kate
Clayton, Lawrence One Upon a Mattress
Cleale, Lewis One Upon a Mattress
Cleveland, De Lancy Crime
Cliff, Oliver The Happy Time
Cloos (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Close, Glenn Death and the Maiden
Clynes, Justin The Ritz
Coggin, Barbara Poor Murderer
Cohn, Roslyn bio
Cokas, Nick One Upon a Mattress
Cole, Lester Peggy-Ann
Collier, Lizzie Hudson The Senator
Collins, Cissy les liaisons dangereuses
Colon, Karin The Circus Princess
Colton, Chevi Torch Song Trilogy
Coluca, Teddy The Ritz
Combs, Melody les liaisons dangereuses
Commings, Katina The Runner Stumbles
Connolly, Grace Peggy-Ann
Conroy, Frank The Constant Wife
Conroy, Jarlath The Elephant Man
Converse, Olivia Long The Gift of Eternal Life
Conway, Kevin The Elephant Man
Cooksey, Andrew R. The Ritz
Cooley, Helen The Gift of Eternal Life
Cooper, Anthony Kemble The Thief
Cooper, Claude Crime
Cooper, Helmar Augustus Saint Joan
Cooper, Leo bio
Cooper, Roy Saint Joan
Cooper, Scott May 12, 1890
Coppe, Thomas The Circus Princess
Coral, Tito A Night in Spain
Corden, Juliette Bohemian Girl
Cortazal, Robert South Pacific
Cortez & Peggy A Night in Spain
Cotton, Miss Idalene The Magistrate
Cowl, Jane The Road to Rome
Cowles, Eugene Bohemian Girl
Coyle, Wally Peggy-Ann
Cram, Sylvia The Gift of Eternal Life
Crane, William H. The Senator
Craven, Walter The Highest Bidder
Creaghan, Dennis bio
Cropley, Eileen Nureyev & Friends
Crutchfield, Charles Saint Joan
Cullen, G. (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Cullen, J. (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Culloo, William The Circus Princess
Culver, Roland Five Finger Exercise
Crumm, Max Grease
Cunningham, Mary Caesar and Cleopatra
Curran, Katherine The Gift of Eternal Life


Name Source
Daisey, Amanda A Night in Spain
Dalton, Mrs. George The Gift of Eternal Life
Dalton, Jack The Gift of Eternal Life
Daly, Orlando The Thief
Daly, Tyne The Seagull
Dana, Leora The Happy Time
Daniele, Graciela bio
Dansicker, Michael les liaisons dangereuses
Dary, Jean The Play's the Thing
Dauphin, Claude The Happy Time
Davenport, Harry May 12, 1890
Davies, Phoebe The Long Strike
Davis, Bruce Anthony Chicago
Davis, Dorothy Marie The Cricket on the Hearth
Davis, Foster Reclining Figure
Davys, Edmund C Saint Joan
DeBaer, Jean The Elephant Man
de Hetre, Katharine Death of a Salesman
Delaney, Jerry A Night in Spain
de Leon, Michael South Pacific
Delland, Cleve Crime
de Mano, Peter Same Time, Next Year
de Munn, Jeffrey K2
Dennis, Sandy The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Derrick, Fred The Circus Princess
de Sales, Adrienne George White's "Scandals"
de Shields, Andre The Wiz
Devere, George F. The Senator
Devi, Ratan The Gift of Eternal Life
Dewlow, David Pippin
Diamond, Jack Kiss Me, Kate
Diehl, Helen The Gift of Eternal Life
Diestel, Eleanor The Gift of Eternal Life
Dishy, Bob Sly Fox
DiVita, Janine Grease
Dixon, Lillian George White's "Scandals"
Dolan, Michael A Few Good Men
Donais, Marc Anthony (aka Ryan Idol) The Ritz
Donohue, Edward The Circus Princess
Donohue, Nancy The Runner Stumbles
Donohue, Tom The Circus Princess
Donnelly (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Donnelly, Donal The Elephant Man
Donnelly, Jamie You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Doran, Robert James The Runner Stumbles
Douglas, Mildred A Night in Spain
Douglass, Claire George White's "Scandals"
Dowdy, Helen Kiss Me, Kate
Drake, Alfred Kiss Me, Kate
Draper, Polly Blur
Dreisbach, Jeffrey A Few Good Men
Dreyfuss, Richard Death and the Maiden
Drischell, Ralph bio
Druce, Hubert The Play's the Thing
Drum, Dorothy A Night in Spain
Drummond, Vivienne Look Back in Anger
Dukes, David bio
Duncan, Lindsay les liaisons dangereuses
Duncan-Gibbs, Mamie Chicago
Dunham, Ronald The Wiz
Dunn, J. Colvil A Night in Spain
Duntiere, Victor Kiss Me, Kate
Durrell, Michael Death of a Salesman
Dwyer, William bio


Name Source
Eaddy, Herbert The Circus Princess
Eagels, Jeanne Her Cardboard Lover
Eames, Howard Peggy-Ann
Early, Enes Peggy-Ann
Eberhardt, William bio
Eckl, Shirley Kiss Me, Kate
Ede, George bio
Edmead, Wendy The Wiz
Edney, Beatie les liaisons dangereuses
Edwards, Annie Joe The Wiz
Edwards, Susan Torch Song Trilogy
Edwards, Virginia The Gift of Eternal Life
Egolf, Clem Caesar and Cleopatra
Egus, Joe The Gift of Eternal Life
Elizondo, Hector Sly Fox
Elliott (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Emmett, Katie The Waifs of New York
Entwistle, Peg Tommy
Erickson, Claris As Is
Esdale, Charles Her Cardboard Lover
Estwick, Pat The Wiz
Evans, Brandon Crime
Evans, Evans The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Evans, G. Douglas bio
Evans, Tellula Fra Diavolo
Everett, Timmy The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Everhart, Rex Working
Everidge, Daniel Grease


Name Source
Falco, Louis Nureyev & Friends
Farentino, James Death of a Salesman
Farmer, Timothy Poor Murderer
Farrand, Jan Deathtrap
Farrar, Thursday One Upon a Mattress
Farrell, Mary The Ponder Heart
Fedro, Marion A Night in Spain
Feiner, Leo George White's "Scandals"
Fellows, Don South Pacific
Ferguson, William South Pacific
Ferris, Peggy Kiss Me, Kate
Fields, Herb Kiss Me, Kate
Fierstein, Harvey Torch Song Trilogy
Findlay, Thomas The Spider
Firmin, Annie (Miss) The White Slave
Fischer, Allison Grease
Fisher, Jacqueline South Pacific
Fitzgerald, Geraldine A Touch of the Poet
Flanagan, D. J. The Spider
Flanagan, Walter A Touch of the Poet
Fletcher, Patricia As Is
Fontan, Jack South Pacific
Foote, Gene Chicago
Forbes, Ralph Caesar and Cleopatra
Ford, Helen Peggy-Ann
Ford, Ruth Poor Murderer
Fortescue Evangeline
Foster, Augusta (Mrs) The Senator
Foster, Donald The Ponder Heart
Foster, Martha The Gift of Eternal Life
Francis, Katharine Crime
Franklin, Joseph Grease
Franklyn-Robbins, John bio
Franz, Joy Pippin
Frawley, J. D. The Senator
Freed, Elsa Rashomon
Freeman, Arny Working
Freeman, Jonathan A Class Act
French, Arthur Death of a Salesman
Friedman, Peter bio
Frost, Mrs. Wallace The Gift of Eternal Life
Frothingham, George Suzette
Fuller, Lorenzo Kiss Me, Kate


Name Source
Gabbert, Zoella The Gift of Eternal Life
Gabel, Martin bio
Gabor, Eva The Happy Time
Gaillard, Alice Fra Diavolo
Gaillard, Francis Fra Diavolo
Gale, Sherry Peggy-Ann
Gallagher, Megan A Few Good Men
Gallery, James Sly Fox
Gallimore, Peggy George White's "Scandals"
Gallup, Bonnie bio
Garber, Victor Deathtrap
Gardner, Bernice A Night in Spain
Garfield, Julie bio
Gartin, Christopher Torch Song Trilogy
Gates, Harry Fra Diavolo
Gates, Larry Poor Murderer
Gay, Esther The Cricket on the Hearth
Gaylord, Janet Kiss Me, Kate
Geer, Will The Ponder Heart
Gendell, Gary Chicago
Genest, Edmond A Few Good Men
Genet, Michael A Few Good Men
Gentoft, Pearl A Night in Spain
George, Andrew Caesar and Cleopatra
Geraghty, Tom The Ponder Heart
Gerard, John The Play's the Thing
Gerdes, George A Few Good Men
Gerringer, Robert Saint Joan
Gerstad, John The Male Animal
Gesty, Helen A Night in Spain
Getlin, Jules Caesar and Cleopatra
Geyer, Charles Saint Joan
Gilbert, Alan South Pacific
Gilbert, Lou Anna Christie
Gilford, Jack Sly Fox
Gillette, Anita Chapter Two
Gilliam, Barbara Jean The Ponder Heart
Gionson, Mel Duane Red
Giovanni, Kearran Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Giroux, Germaine The Spider
Giroux, Larry Pippin
Gleason, Joanna I Love My Wife
Gleason, Thomas South Pacific
Glover, John bio
Goethals, Angela Blur
Goewey, David Death and the Maiden
Gold, Pamela One Upon a Mattress
Goldie, Alfred The Spider
Goldschlager, Michael The Elephant Man
Goldsmith, Merwin bio
Goodman, Bergdorf The Play's the Thing
Goodwin, Nat C. A Gold Mine
Gor, Aviva Rashomon
Gordean, Meg Ghosts
Gordon (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Gordon, Noel Kiss Me, Kate
Gordon, Rose The Circus Princess
Gorman, Cliff Chapter Two
Gould, Spurr K. Crime
Govan, Michael K2
Graff, Irene I Love My Wife
Graff, Randy A Class Act
Graham, Thomas H. The Cricket on the Hearth
Granger, Farley Deathtrap
Grau, Harold The Ponder Heart
Graves, Ernest Poor Murderer
Gray, Iral (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Gray, Kenneth Saint Joan
Gray, Molly The Gift of Eternal Life
Green (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Green, Catherine The Gift of Eternal Life
Green, Cody Grease
Green, Denis Kiss Me, Kate
Green, Rodney The Wiz
Gregan, Steven As Is
Gregg, Clark A Few Good Men
Greshoff, A. Tommy
Grey, DeMarest The Wiz
Griffin, Sean Poor Murderer
Griffith, Eleanor The Spider
Griffith, Kristin Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Griffith, Yale B. The Gift of Eternal Life
Grismer, Joseph R. bio
Grobe, Edouard The Circus Princess
Grodin, Charles Same Time, Next Year
Gromada, John bio
Guan, Jamie H. J. Red
Guglielmina, Monica The Runner Stumbles
Guinan, Patricia Deathtrap
Gunn, Nicholas Nureyev & Friends
Gunton, Bob Working
Gwillim, Sarah-Jane Saint Joan
Gwozdz, Eugene Thrill Me


Name Source
Haas, Jean Kiss Me, Kate
Hackett, Albert Crime
Hackman, Gene Death and the Maiden
Hadary, Jonathan As Is
Haigh, Kenneth Look Back in Anger
Haines, Bert A Night in Spain
Hagenah, Jessica The Circus Princess
Hagerman, James Anna Christie
Haley, Mary The Gift of Eternal Life
Hall (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Hall, Juanita bio
Hallen, Frederick Later On
Halliday, John The Spider
Hamilton, Mitzi Pippin
Hamilton, Richard A Touch of the Poet
Hamilton, Roger Pippin
Hamilton, Thaile A Night in Spain
Hamilton, W. A. Fra Diavolo
Hamilton, William The Gift of Eternal Life
Hamlin, Charles The Spider
Hammond, Kay On Borrowed Time
Haney, William The Cricket on the Hearth
Hanmer, Don The Ponder Heart
Hanney, Mel Tommy
Hannford, Poodles The Circus Princess
Hansen, Bara-Cristin Death of a Salesman
Hanson, Tom Kiss Me, Kate
Harcke (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Hardwicke, Cedric Caesar and Cleopatra
Hardy, Carl The Wiz
Hare, Lumsden The Thief
Hargrave, Roy The Spider
Harkness, Sam The Wiz
Harrelson, Helen Death of a Salesman
Harrington, Delphi The Seagull
Harris, Donny Caesar and Cleopatra
Harris, George Fra Diavolo
Harris, Julie In Praise of Love
Harris, Peter The Male Animal
Harris, William bio
Harrison, Rex In Praise of Love
Harrison, Stanley The Circus Princess
Hart, Joseph Later On
Hart, Lorenz Peggy-Ann
Hart, Richard The Happy Time
Harvey, Dyane The Wiz
Harvey, Michael Caesar and Cleopatra
Hassell, Virginia The Circus Princess
Hastings twins (sisters) George White's "Scandals"
Hastings, Barbara George White's "Scandals"
Hauser, Lauren Nureyev & Friends
Haward, Willie George White's "Scandals"
Hawke, Ethan The Seagull
Haworth, Joseph bio
Hawthorne, Jim South Pacific
Hayes, Grace A Night in Spain
Hayes, Lois The Wiz
Healy, Betty A Night in Spain
Healy, Ted A Night in Spain
Heckart, Eileen The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Hector, Louis The Road to Rome
Heffernan, John Sly Fox
Heins, Barry les liaisons dangereuses
Heiss, David bio
Helde, Annette A Few Good Men
Hendricks, Aini A Night in Spain
Hendrickson, Benjamin The Elephant Man
Henry, Thomas Browne bio
Herbert, William The Senator
Herter, Albert The Gift of Eternal Life
Hess, Lisa Nureyev & Friends
Hesse, Alfred Reclining Figure
Hewitt, John O. The Spider
Hibbard, David bio
Hicks, Russell On Borrowed Time
Hicks, Seymour A Scrap of Paper
Hicks, Taylor Grease
Hill, Natalie Grease
Hingle, Pat The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Hinnart, Bill You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Hinnart, Skip You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Hirsch, Judd Chapter Two
Hobbes, Halliwell The Male Animal
Hobson, I. M. The Elephant Man
Hoff, Edwin W. Suzette
Hoffa (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Hogan, Jonathan Hogan, Jonathan
Hogan, Robert A Few Good Men
Hogarth, Lionel The Road to Rome
Hoier, Thomas Kiss Me, Kate
Holden, Jim The Ponder Heart
Holland, J. Talbot The Ponder Heart
Holland, Joseph The Show-Off
Holm, Celeste Anna Christie
Holmes, Richard Saint Joan
Homolka, Oscar Rashomon
Horgan, Patrick Deathtrap
Hormann, Nicholas bio
Horn, Frank The Circus Princess
Houloose, Jean Kiss Me, Kate
Howard, Doris The Gift of Eternal Life
Howard, Eugene George White's "Scandals"
Howard, Leslie Her Cardboard Lover
Howard, Shemp A Night in Spain
Howard, Willie George White's "Scandals"
Huara, Helba A Night in Spain
Hulce, Tom A Few Good Men
Hull, Arthur Stuart The Spider
Hunt, David The Memory of Water
Huntsman, Louise The Cricket on the Hearth
Hurder, Robyn Grease
Hydzik, Matthew Grease


Name Source
Imboden, David The Gift of Eternal Life
Irvine, Harry Caesar and Cleopatra
Irving, R. H. Crime
Ivanek, Željko Loot
Ivey, Judith Park Your Car in Harvard Yard


Name Source
Jack, John bio
Jackman, Hugh Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Jackson, Barney Peggy-Ann
Jackson, Dolores Caesar and Cleopatra
Jacobs, Jim Grease
James, Billy The Male Animal
James, Morgan Caesar and Cleopatra
Janney, William Tommy
Jarecki, Alfred The Gift of Eternal Life
Jarecki, Marjorie The Gift of Eternal Life
Jeffrey, Michael On Borrowed Time
Jennings, David One Upon a Mattress
John, Alice The Constant Wife
Johnson, Ben Tommy
Johnson, Georgiann Reclining Figure
Johnson, Karen You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Johnson, Kwame The Wiz
Jonas, Joanne Death of a Salesman
Jones, Barry The Road to Rome
Jones, Elnora Caesar and Cleopatra
Jones, Jeffrey The Elephant Man
Jones, Paul The Circus Princess
Jones, Reed As Is
Jones, Robert Earl bio
Jones, Starr The Circus Princess
Jongeyans, George The Consul
Jovovich, Scott One Upon a Mattress
Joyce, Louise Peggy-Ann
Joyce, Stephen The Runner Stumbles
Jung, Calvin Sly Fox


Name Source
Kahn, Julius The Magistrate
Kaline, Robert On Borrowed Time
Kane, Helen A Night in Spain
Kanin, Michael Rashomon
Karibalis, Curt bio
Karl, Tom Bohemian Girl
Karr, James The Ponder Heart
Karr, Patti Pippin
Kasznar, Kurt The Happy Time
Kay, Maretta Peggy-Ann
Keating, Charles Loot
Keeling, Derek Grease
Keitel, Harvey Death of a Salesman
Kelly, David Patrick Working
Kelly, Eddie Crime
Kelly, John The Spider
Kelly, Nathan Thrill Me
Kemble, Frankie (Miss) Zig-Zag
Kendal, Stephen The Play's the Thing
Kenin, Jean George White's "Scandals"
Kennedy, Lorne Saint Joan
Kepros, Nicholas Saint Joan
Kerr, Naomi The Gift of Eternal Life
Kerr, Patrick The Ritz
Keyser, Andy Pippin
Kibrig, Joan Kiss Me, Kate
King, Carla A Night in Spain
King, Guy Sly Fox
Kingsford, Walter The Constant Wife
Kingsley, Ben Edmund Kean
Kingsley, Mona The Thief
Kingston, Kaye Torch Song Trilogy
Kinsella, Walter A. The Road to Rome
Kirk, Lisa Kiss Me, Kate
Klaw, Mildred George White's "Scandals"
Klein, Charlotte The Ponder Heart
Klein, Ricky The Ponder Heart
Kliban, Ken As Is
Klunis, Tom bio
Knapp, Leoda Peggy-Ann
Knight, Lily As Is
Knowles, Priscilla The Spider
Kofoed, Seana The Memory of Water
Komara, Joe Grease
Koonin, Brian Poor Murderer
Korthaze, Richard Chicago
Kowalewska, Florence The Circus Princess
Kraber, Tony The Ponder Heart
Kreeger, Doug Thrill Me
Kreisman, Robert The Cricket on the Hearth
Kroeger, Berry Reclining Figure
Kubala, Michael Chicago


Name Source
LaCause, Sebastian One Upon a Mattress
Lackland, Ben The Road to Rome
Lacy, Tom Saint Joan
Lamb, Mary Ann Chicago
Lamberts, Heath One Upon a Mattress
Lamm, Miss Edith The Gift of Eternal Life
Lamont, Robin Working
Lancaster, Lucie Pippin
Landers, Matt Working
Lane (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Lane, Gloria The Consul
Lang, Harold Peggy-Ann
Lang, Harold Kiss Me, Kate
Lang, Stephen bio
LaRue, Jack Crime
Lasky, Zane The Seagull
Laughton (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Laurence, Adele The Cricket on the Hearth
Laurence, Gay Kiss Me, Kate
Lawner, Mordecai Death of a Salesman
Lawton (Miss ) George White's "Scandals"
LeCount, Muriel George White's "Scandals"
Leith, William bio
Leland, David The Ponder Heart
LeMassena, William Deathtrap
Lenmore, Steve Chicago
Leonard, Roger Torch Song Trilogy
Leone, William The Seagull
Lerch (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Leslie, Don South Pacific
Lewis, Arthur Her Cardboard Lover
Lewis, Bobo Working
Lewis, Claudia The Wiz
Lewis, Karen South Pacific
Lewis, Marcia Chicago
Lewis, Margary The Gift of Eternal Life
Leyden, Leo Saint Joan
Leydorf, Mark The Ritz
Liberatore, Lou As Is
Light, Enoch A Night in Spain
Lile, David bio
Lindsay, Howard Tommy
Ling, Richie The Road to Rome
Linney, Laura The Seagull
Lipton, Michael Caesar and Cleopatra
Lishner, Leon The Consul
Litrofsky, Mitchell The Elephant Man
Little, Eugene The Wiz
Livesey, Jack Look Back in Anger
Livingston, Eleanor Crime
Loar, Rosemary One Upon a Mattress
Logan, Stanley Her Cardboard Lover
Long, Jodi Red
Longden (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Loo, Richard South Pacific
Loret, Hortense Barbe bio
Love, Victor A Few Good Men
Lowande, Oscar The Circus Princess
Lowe, Roslyn South Pacific
Lowell, Allan Kiss Me, Kate
Lucia, Chip The Visit
Luckinbill, Laurence Poor Murderer
Ludwig, Salem Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Luerssen, Margaret The Circus Princess
Luna, Barbara South Pacific
Lunday, Russell The Seagull
Lunt, Georgia The Cricket on the Hearth
LuPone, Robert Saint Joan
LuPone, Patti Working
Lyle, Herbert The Circus Princess
Lyon, Fred George White's "Scandals"


Name Source
MacDonald, Pirie Death of a Salesman
MacDonald, W. H. bio
MacIntosh, Joan The Seagull
Mackay, Lizbeth Death and the Maiden
MacKenzie, Donald The Spider
MacNeil, Cornell The Consul
Madsen, Ethel Kiss Me, Kate
Magnussen, Billy The Ritz
Maher, Joseph Loot
Mahon, Mercedes The Gift of Eternal Life
Malina, Joshua A Few Good Men
Maloney, Peter Poor Murderer
Mann, Edward The Spider
Manners, Margaret George White's "Scandals"
Manson, Alan The Ponder Heart
Mantegna, Joe Working
Marcoux, Ted A Few Good Men
Marfield, Dwight The Ponder Heart
Mark, Michael I Love My Wife
Markey, Melinda On Borrowed Time
Markham, Michael Crime
Markham, Tanagra Caesar and Cleopatra
Marks, Ken Blur
Marlo, Maria The Consul
Marriott, John The Ponder Heart
Marrow, Esther The Wiz
Marshall, Junior The Ponder Heart
Marshall, Tully The Highest Bidder
Martin, Barney Chicago
Martin, Lewis The Road to Rome
Martin, Mary South Pacific
Marvel, Elizabeth bio
Mason, Mary The Cricket on the Hearth
Mather, Charles P. bio
Mathews, Carmen The Show-Off
Mathewson, Joseph The Runner Stumbles
Matsios, Christine Kiss Me, Kate
Matthews, Melle South Pacific
Mayer, Valentine bio
Mayne, Earle Crime
Mayo, Dan Kiss Me, Kate
Mayo, Nick The Ritz
McCarthy, Dorothy George White's "Scandals"
McCarthy, Kevin bio
McCarthy, Margaret George White's "Scandals"
McCarty, Bruce As Is
McCarty, Mary Chicago
McClure, Analee The Cricket on the Hearth
McConnell, George The Gift of Eternal Life
McConnell, Lulu Peggy-Ann
McCormack, Laverta George White's "Scandals"
McCormick, Myron South Pacific
McCune, Frances The Cricket on the Hearth
McDuffie, Alvin The Wiz
McGill, Donald The Circus Princess
McGovern, John The Ponder Heart
McGrath, Matthew Working
McGraw, Jock The Road to Rome
McHugh, Kay A Night in Spain
McKinley, Andrew The Consul
McLachlan, Rod Saint Joan
McMartin, John bio
McNamara, Dermot A Touch of the Poet
McNulty, John The Road to Rome
McRae, Hilton les liaisons dangereuses
McRobbie, Peter bio
Meade, Peter The Road to Rome
Means, Nancy The Gift of Eternal Life
Measor, Beryl bio
Meek, Fred Caesar and Cleopatra
Meiser, Edith Peggy-Ann
Meli, Gloria South Pacific
Mellish, Fuller (Jr) Peggy-Ann
Mellish, Howard Peggy-Ann
Mendez, Lindsay Grease
Mentry, James The Gift of Eternal Life
Mercer, Mabel The Consul
Meredith, Beth Peggy-Ann
Merivale, Philip The Road to Rome
Merkel, Una The Ponder Heart
Merritt, Larry Pippin
Messina, Chris Blur
Messmer, Arthur Fra Diavolo
Metcalf, Kam Saint Joan
Metz, Janet One Upon a Mattress
Michel, Henry South Pacific
Middlemore, Charlotte A Night in Spain
Miles, Adele The Gift of Eternal Life
Miller, Betty A Touch of the Poet
Miller, James George White's "Scandals"
Miller, John I Love My Wife
Miller, Margaret Peggy-Ann
Miller, Wilma The Circus Princess
Mills, Juliet Five Finger Exercise
Mills, Stephanie The Wiz
Milton, Gerald On Borrowed Time
Milward, Kristin les liaisons dangereuses
Mineo, John Chicago
Minogue, Loretta A Night in Spain
Minor, Marie The Circus Princess
Mixon, Alan Saint Joan
Moffet, Harold The Road to Rome
Mofsenson, Joel I Love My Wife
Molina, Arnold A Few Good Men
Monachino, Francis The Consul
Montealegre, Felicia Poor Murderer
Montelongo, Matthew The Ritz
Montgomery, Betty A Night in Spain
Moor, Bill bio
Moore, Charlotte bio
Moore, Eulabelle The Male Animal
Moore, Gerald The Circus Princess
Moore, Ray The Circus Princess
Moore, Victor On Borrowed Time
Morgan, Frances The Wiz
Morgan, Odessa George White's "Scandals"
Morison, Patricia Kiss Me, Kate
Morris, Chester Crime
Morris, Marion The Gift of Eternal Life
Morris, William The White Slave
Morris, William E. The Spider
Morrissey, John F. The Spider
Morrissy, Harry George White's "Scandals"
Morton, Jack Peggy-Ann
Morton, James C. The Circus Princess
Moseley, Peggy George White's "Scandals"
Moseley, Robin The Memory of Water
Mulle, Ida The Squall
Murney, Julia A Class Act
Murray, Jane Ghosts
Myers, Mark As Is


Name Source
Nairn, Ralph The Play's the Thing
Nauffts, Geoffrey A Few Good Men
Naughton, James I Love My Wife
Neal, Lloyd Tommy
Near-Verbrugghe, Lucas The Ritz
Neil, Terence Her Cardboard Lover
Nelson, Mark A Few Good Men
Nemetz, Lenora bio
Neuwirth, Bebe Chicago
Neville, John bio
Neway, Patricia The Consul
Newell, Leona A Night in Spain
Newkirk, Phyllis The Circus Princess
Nichols, A. E. Suzette
Nickerson, Shane Pippin
Niedermuller, Nienke The Gift of Eternal Life
Neill, James The Senator
Noble, James The Runner Stumbles
Norman, Henry Fra Diavolo
Norper (Mons.) Chalet
Nugent, Nancy The Male Animal
Nureyev, Rudolf Nureyev & Friends


Name Source
Oakland, Si Caesar and Cleopatra
O'Brien, Erin J. The Memory of Water
O'Connor, Robert The Circus Princess
O'Haughey, M. Chicago
Olden, Courtenaye Caesar and Cleopatra
Oliver, Rochelle Same Time, Next Year
O'Loghlen, Clement The Road to Rome
O'Loughlin, Agnes Peggy-Ann
O'Malley, Etain The Elephant Man
O'Meara, John Crime
O'Neale, Katherine The Circus Princess
O'Neill, Henry The Squall
Opatoshu, David Reclining Figure
Opsahl, Jason One Upon a Mattress
Orbach, Jerry Chicago
O'Rear, James The Happy Time
Osborn, Marian The Gift of Eternal Life
O'Shea (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
O'Shea, Milo A Touch of the Poet
Osnes, Laura Grease
Ostrow, Ron A Few Good Men
Oswald, Doreen Kiss Me, Kate
Otto, Anne Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Ou, Tina One Upon a Mattress
Overton, Frank The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Owen, Reginald The Play's the Thing
Owens, Jill Pippin


Name Source
Padgett, Emily Grease
Padgett, J. C. The Senator
Pai, Liana Red
Palmer, Lilli Caesar and Cleopatra
Paris, Jerry Anna Christie
Park, Merle Nureyev & Friends
Parker, Sarah Jessica One Upon a Mattress
Parks, John The Wiz
Parrish, Elizabeth Deathtrap
Partington, Dorothy Caesar and Cleopatra
Paschall, Robert Rashomon
Paterson, Mary The Circus Princess
Patrick, Grey Crime
Patricola, Tom George White's "Scandals"
Patten, Dorothy On Borrowed Time
Patterson, Chuck Death of a Salesman
Pattison, Katie (Miss) The Highest Bidder
Patterson, Jay K2
Paul, Mimi Nureyev & Friends
Pauley, Mabel A Night in Spain
Peacock, Michon Chicago
Peake, Genevieve The Gift of Eternal Life
Pearce, William The Road to Rome
Pearson, Jean Caesar and Cleopatra
Peck, Elizabeth The Gift of Eternal Life
Peck, Marianne The Gift of Eternal Life
Penfield, May (Miss) The Senator
Penn, Peggy George White's "Scandals"
Pennington, Ann George White's "Scandals"
Pentecost, George bio
Perez, Luis Chicago
Perez, Rosie The Ritz
Perfect, Rose George White's "Scandals"
Perryman, Al The Wiz
Persoff, Nehemiah Reclining Figure
Pettingell, Mariah Curtis The Gift of Eternal Life
Pfeiffer, Marilyn The Runner Stumbles
Phillippi, Henry The Spider
Phillips, Agatha A Night in Spain
Phillips, Gordon Peggy-Ann
Piersol, Morrie The Runner Stumbles
Pietropinto, Angela The Ritz
Pigott, Margaret The Gift of Eternal Life
Pinkus, Bobby A Night in Spain
Pinza, Ezio South Pacific
Pitchford, Dean Pippin
Plunkett, Maryann bio
Ponazecki, Joe Same Time, Next Year
Poole, Roy Death of a Salesman
Popwell, Arthur Caesar and Cleopatra
Porter, Beth The Cricket on the Hearth
Porter, Dillon The Ritz
Porter, Howard The Wiz
Portman, Eric bio
Potter, Madeleine Ghosts
Pouncy, Gert The Road to Rome
Pourcelliuer (Mons.) Chalet
Pourfar, Susan Blur
Powell, Florence A Night in Spain
Powell, Ray A Night in Spain
Powers, Jenny Grease
Powers, Marie The Consul
Powers, Walter Crime
Preston, Robert The Male Animal
Price, Lonny bio
Pugh, Dot The Gift of Eternal Life
Puntin (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Pursley, Patricia George White's "Scandals"


Name Source
Quarrier, Helen The Ponder Heart
Quillon, Keven Grease
Quinn, Patricia Death of a Salesman


Name Source
Rafferty, Patrick Peggy-Ann
Raine, Lola A Night in Spain
Rainey, David Saint Joan
Raleigh, Evangeline A Night in Spain
Ralph, Jessie The Road to Rome
Ramirez, Freddy Grease
Ramsay, Remak Saint Joan
Ramsey, John Sly Fox
Randall, Anthony Caesar and Cleopatra
Randall, William R. The Road to Rome
Rapper, Irving H. bio
Ratray, Peter Torch Song Trilogy
Ray, Anthony bio
Ray, Phillip The White Slave
Raymond, Bill Blur
Rector, Olive A Night in Spain
Reddan, Nellie (Miss) Hazel Kirke
Redgrave, Lynn Saint Joan
Reed, Jozella The Wiz
Reed, Stephen One Upon a Mattress
Reeve, Mary Ann South Pacific
Reindel, Carl The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Resnick, Matt Anna Christie
Restrepo, José Grease
Reynolds, Ruth The Gift of Eternal Life
Rhea (Mlle.) bio
Rice, Helen Kiss Me, Kate
Richman, Dot A Night in Spain
Richman, Harry George White's "Scandals"
Rickman, Alan les liaisons dangereuses
Riggs, Lutah The Gift of Eternal Life
Riordan, Terrence The Ritz
Rivera, Chita Chicago
Robards, Jason bio
Robbins, Tom Alan One Upon a Mattress
Roberts, Rachel bio
Roberts, Thayer On Borrowed Time
Roberts, Tony The Seagull
Robertson, Guy The Circus Princess
Robineau, Noel Caesar and Cleopatra
Robinson, Alma The Wiz
Robinson, Bertrand Tommy
Robinson, Judith The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Robinson, Michelle M. Chicago
Rodgers, Richard Peggy-Ann
Rogers, John The Spider
Roland, Norman Caesar and Cleopatra
Romaine, Richard The Gift of Eternal Life
Romer, Jess Crime
Rondeau-Morales (Mons) Chalet
Rooksby, Herbert The Cricket on the Hearth
Rosato, Mary Lou One Upon a Mattress
Rose, John Saint Joan
Rose, Renee The Wiz
Rose, Reva You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Rose, Robin Pearson bio
Rose, Stan Kiss Me, Kate
Ross, Justin Pippin
Roth, Stephanie les liaisons dangereuses
Rothrock, Richard The Ponder Heart
Rouah, Josh Grease
Rowan, Frank Anna Christie
Roy, Dorothy Peggy-Ann
Royston, W. B. The Highest Bidder
Rudetsky, Seth The Ritz
Ruffner, Edmund The Circus Princess
Ruh, Evelyn Peggy-Ann
Rupert, Michael bio
Russ, Alfred The Circus Princess
Ryan, Charlene Chicago


Name Source
Saari, Charles The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Sabella, D. Chicago
Sabella, Ernie Chicago
Sadler, Dudley The Show-Off
Sadoff, Fred South Pacific
Saldívar, Matthew Grease
Sampson, Will C. The Senator
Sanchez, Alex One Upon a Mattress
Sanders, Albert You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Sanders, Jay O. Saint Joan
Sappington, Fay Pippin
Saulter, Joe I Love My Wife
Saunders, Bernice South Pacific
Sauter, Louis The Cricket on the Hearth
Savage, Archie South Pacific
Savini, Lolita The Circus Princess
Saxauer, H. F. The Gift of Eternal Life
Scarborough, Ella The Gift of Eternal Life
Scheerer, Katherine The Circus Princess
Schell, Maria Poor Murderer
Schiapano, Alfonso Poor Murderer
Schultz, Allie Grease
Schurgot, Helena South Pacific
Schutte, Bob The Circus Princess
Schwinn, Ron Chicago
Scott, Clare George White's "Scandals"
Scott, Cyril The Highest Bidder
Scott, George C. bio
Scott, Jamison Grease
Scott, Jean George White's "Scandals"
Scott, Martha The Male Animal
Scott, Mary Caesar and Cleopatra
Scruffy (a dog) The Wiz
Seacat, Sandra Sly Fox
Sears, Brian Grease
Secretan, Ingrid Kiss Me, Kate
Seegar, Miriam The Squall
Segall, Ely Anna Christie
Seiberling, Ethel A Night in Spain
Seibert, Lara Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Seldes, Marian Deathtrap
Seltzer, Sima The Gift of Eternal Life
Sergio, Michael I Love My Wife
Setrakian, Ed Saint Joan
Setter, Martin The Gift of Eternal Life
Sewell, Danny The Elephant Man
Seymour, Jane The Show-Off
Shackelford, Harry The Circus Princess
Shang, Ruby Nureyev & Friends
Shaud, Grant Torch Song Trilogy
Shaw, Elaine A Night in Spain
Shawn, Jonathan The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Sheffer, Craig Torch Song Trilogy
Shelley, Carole bio
Shelley, Jeanne The Ponder Heart
Sherman, Emily A Night in Spain
Sherwin, Jeanette The Constant Wife
Shields, Stella The Circus Princess
Shillo, Michael Rashomon
Shimerman, Armin Saint Joan
Shinick, Kevin Saint Joan
Show, Roderick The Gift of Eternal Life
Shubert, J. J. The Circus Princess
Shyre, Paul Saint Joan
Sickle, Peggy A Night in Spain
Sidney, Sylvia Crime
Sietz, Adam The Ritz
Silvera, Richard South Pacific
Silvers, Sid A Night in Spain
Simmons, Bartlett A Night in Spain
Simon, Hugh les liaisons dangereuses
Simon, Joel Sly Fox
Simpson, Grant Peggy-Ann
Simpson, Ivan Caesar and Cleopatra
Simpson, Sean bio
Singer, Lieselotte The Ponder Heart
Singleton, Janyse M. The Wiz
Sivrich, Christina Grease
Slate, Henry South Pacific
Slattery, May George White's "Scandals"
Sledge, Eddie Kiss Me, Kate
Smith, Archie The Show-Off
Smith, Art Anna Christie
Smith, Beulah The Gift of Eternal Life
Smith, C. Aubrey The Constant Wife
Smith, Eugene South Pacific
Smith, Jennifer One Upon a Mattress
Smith, Lillian A Night in Spain
Smith-Cameron, J. The Memory of Water
Smyrl, David Langston Working
Snider, Barry A Touch of the Poet
Sola, John bio
Solen, Paul Chicago
Solomon, Maurice The Gift of Eternal Life
Sothern, E. H. bio
Sousa, Pamela Chicago
Spacey, Kevin Ghosts
Sparer, Paul bio
Sparre (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Spaulding, Gabe The Gift of Eternal Life
Speeler, Ellen A Night in Spain
Spencer, Ashley Grease
Sperberg, Fritz A Few Good Men
Stallard, Ernest Her Cardboard Lover
Starbuck, Betty Peggy-Ann
Starr, Bee The Circus Princess
St. Denis, Ruth The Gift of Eternal Life
Stechschulte, Tom bio
Stehli, Edgar The Happy Time
Steiger, Rod Rashomon
Stephens, Harvey South Pacific
Stevens, Lillie Kae Chicago
Stewart, Johnny The Happy Time
Stewart, Thomas A. bio
St. John, Betta South Pacific
St. John, Theodore The Play's the Thing
Stockton, Rose The Memory of Water
Stockwell, L. R. bio
Stollery, David John On Borrowed Time
Stone, Amber Grease
Stone, Clifford The Spider
Stone, Marie (Miss) Suzette
Strazza, Matilda Kiss Me, Kate
Stuart, Jane (Miss) bio
Stuart, Julia (Miss) The White Slave
Stuhlbarg, Michael Saint Joan
Sullivan, Brad Working
Sullivan, Francis L. Caesar and Cleopatra
Summers, Lydia The Consul
Sutherland, Ann A Night in Spain
Svetlik, Gissella Kiss Me, Kate
Swanson, Margaret A Night in Spain
Swit, Loretta Same Time, Next Year
Switkes, Willy Sly Fox
Symington, Donald Caesar and Cleopatra


Name Source
Tabbert, William South Pacific
Tabor, Desiree The Circus Princess
Tambor, Jeffrey Sly Fox
Tamiroff, Akim Rashomon
Tandy, Jessica Five Finger Exercise
Tannenhill, Bessie (Miss) Evangeline
Tarleton, Diane Torch Song Trilogy
Taylor, Alwin The Wiz
Taylor, Clarice The Wiz
Taylor, George Loot
Taylor, George H. The Magistrate
Teasdale, Verree The Constant Wife
Telfer, Ronald Caesar and Cleopatra
Tennison, Arthur The Cricket on the Hearth
Terris, Norma A Night in Spain
Tetley, Glen Kiss Me, Kate
Thain, Dollie A Night in Spain
Thatcher, Leora The Male Animal
Thigpen, Lynne Working
Thomas, Frank M. Crime
Thomas, Jeffrey Evan The Ritz
Thompson, Hilary Michael Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Thompson, Jack Peggy-Ann
Thomson, Jack Crime
Thorpes, Chuck The Wiz
Thress, Frances Peggy-Ann
Tilden, Beau South Pacific
Tiller, Monica Chicago
Tilton, Lora Kimball The Gift of Eternal Life
Tilton, Webb South Pacific
Titone, Tom One Upon a Mattress
Tittel, Charlotte (Miss) The Highest Bidder
Tobin, Genevieve The Play's the Thing
Toler, Sidney Tommy
Torini (Mlle.) Chalet
Tone, Rudy Kiss Me, Kate
Toner, Joseph The Circus Princess
Tovatt, Ellen bio
Townsend, Ernest Deathtrap
Trabue, Marion Peggy-Ann
Tracy, Lee The Show-Off
Trainor, George A Night in Spain
Trainor, Jimmie A Night in Spain
Travers, Walter The Spider
Travis, Forrest The Gift of Eternal Life
Treacher, Arthur Caesar and Cleopatra
Treas, Terri Working
Trimble, Augusta The Gift of Eternal Life
Trowbridge, Cornell The Gift of Eternal Life
Trucksess, Dollie A Night in Spain
True, Sam The Circus Princess
Tucker, John The Gift of Eternal Life
Turenne, Louis Saint Joan
Turner, David The Ritz
Turner, Fred L. Evangeline
Turner, Gayle The Wiz
Turner, Gladys A Night in Spain
Turner, Maidel Tommy
Tyler, George C. Tommy
Tyra, Emily Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway


Name Source
Ullmann, Liv Ghosts
Ure, Mary Look Back in Anger
Urmston, Ken Pippin


Name Source
Valentine, Grace Anna Christie
Valentine, T. C. The Highest Bidder
Valentine, Valma Peggy-Ann
van Devere, Trish Sly Fox
van Norden, Peter Saint Joan
van Nostrand, Hazel The Gift of Eternal Life
van Siclen, Ida bio
Venito, Lenny The Ritz
Venture, Richard bio
Verastique, Rocker Chicago
Verdon, Gwen Chicago
Vernon, Barbara A Night in Spain
Vernon, Richard Poor Murderer
Vincent, Henry Her Cardboard Lover
Virta, Ray The Memory of Water
Vita, Michael Chicago
Vitales, Roy The Circus Princess
Viverto, Joanna Saint Joan
Vogt, Peter The Elephant Man
Voight, Jon The Seagull


Name Source
Waite, Jeanette A Night in Spain
Walcott, Florence Tommy
Walker, Chet Pippin
Walker, Kathryn A Touch of the Poet
Wallace, Mike Reclining Figure
Wallace, Yolande (Miss) Evangeline
Waller, Frances The Show-Off
Walton, Bob One Upon a Mattress
Wanamaker, Zoë Loot
Waram, Percy Reclining Figure
Ward, John Crime
Ware, John Caesar and Cleopatra
Ware, Nan The Gift of Eternal Life
Warner, Bunny South Pacific
Warren, Lou A Night in Spain
Warren, Thom Christopher One Upon a Mattress
Warren-Gibson, David Chicago
Watkins, Toney The Wiz
Watson, Chester The Consul
Watson, David Saint Joan
Watson, Robert Evangeline
Wayne, A. (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Wayne, David The Ponder Heart
Weaver, Carl The Wiz
Webb, Robb Sly Fox
Weber, Steven Loot
Webster, Alfred The Road to Rome
Wedgeworth, Ann Chapter Two
Weeks, Jimmie Ray Death and the Maiden
Weitz, Bruce Death of a Salesman
Wells, John George White's "Scandals"
Wendell, Howard The Show-Off
West, Buster George White's "Scandals"
Wheelwright, Joseph B. The Gift of Eternal Life
White (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
White, Alexandra The Gift of Eternal Life
White, Anna Aimee Grease
White, Athea The Gift of Eternal Life
White, Daisy The Seagull
White, Harwood The Gift of Eternal Life
White, Ruth bio
Wiater, Victoria A Night in Spain
Wicks, Richard Kiss Me, Kate
Wietrzychowski, Stanley Poor Murderer
Wigfall, James The Wiz
Wilcox, Peggy George White's "Scandals"
Wilson, Darlene Chicago
Wilkie (Miss) George White's "Scandals"
Willard, Tobias The Squall
Williams, Frances George White's "Scandals"
Williams, Mervin The Squall
Williams, Musa South Pacific
Willman, Noel Rashomon
Wills, Catherine The Gift of Eternal Life
Wills, Ray A Class Act
Wilson, James E. The Magistrate
Wilson, Kittie (Miss) The Highest Bidder
Winograd, Dana One Upon a Mattress
Winters, Marian Deathtrap
Witherspoon, Cora The Constant Wife
Witmar, Eleanor The Circus Princess
Wolfe, Max The Circus Princess
Wolfson, Martin South Pacific
Wood, Charles Kiss Me, Kate
Wood, John Deathtrap
Woodbury, Thornton The Gift of Eternal Life
Woods, Richard Deathtrap
Worth, Billie South Pacific
Wright, Evelyn A Night in Spain
Wright, Samuel E. Pippin
Wright, Teresa bio
Wyatt, Kirsten Grease
Wyler, Gretchen Sly Fox
Wyngate, Valerie bio


Name Source
Yaney, Denise As Is
Yano, H. The Spider
Yearwood, Valencia One Upon a Mattress
Yeats, Murray The Cricket on the Hearth
Yorke, Gustav Crime
Young, Fanny May 12, 1890
Young, Ric Red
Yourth, Lynda Nureyev & Friends
Yousuff, Ali The Squall
Yurka, Blanche The Squall
Yu, Chin South Pacific


Name Source
Ziemba, Karen Chicago
Zimmerman, John The Circus Princess
Zimmerman, Leigh Chicago
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