"The Road to Rome" - Playhouse Theatre (1927)
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Our playbill for "The Road to Rome" by Robert Emmet Sherwood, performed at the Playhouse Theatre on Broadway, has a printed date of the week beginning Monday evening, June 20, 1927. It is part of our "Uncle Wesley" collection, playbill's that were collected by a young lady in the summer of 1927 during a tour of the theaters with her uncle Wesley.


Name Role
Fairfax Burgher Varius
Joyce Carey Meta
Jessie Ralph Fabia
Richie Ling Fabius
Jane Cowl Amytis
Peter Meade Tanus
Charles Brokaw Scipio
William Pearce Cato
William R. Randall Drusus
Lionel Hogarth Sertorius
Alfred Webster Tibullus
Jock McGraw Sergeant
Lewis Martin Corporal
Clement O'Loghlen 1st Guard
Ben Lackland 2nd Guard
Walter A. Kinsella 3rd Guard
John McNulty 4th Guard
John Sola 5th Guard
Lionel Hogarth Thotmes
Louis Hector Hasdrubal
Alfred Webster Maherbal
Harold Moffet Carthalo
Barry Jones Mago
Philip Merivale Hannibal
Gert Pouncy Bala

Production Staff

Name Position
William A. Brady Producer
Dwight Deere Wiman Producer
Robert Emmet Sherwood Playwright
Lester Lonergan Director
Lee Simonson Settings & Costumes
Douglas Moore Trumpet composition
Martin B. Turner Set Construction
Mme. Pulliche Miss Cowl's costumes
Ami Mali Hicks other costumes
Eaves Costume Co. Armor
Robert McGroarty Stage Manager
John Sola Asst. Stage Manager
Tom Weatherly Press Rep
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