"Lo and Behold" - Richmond Civic Theatre (1952)

Our playbill for "Lo and Behold" was produced by the Richmond Civic Theatre and is part our Richmond Project. Performances were at the Indiana Theatre (now the Murray Theatre) on November 10,11,12 and 13, 1952.


Name Role
Eugene Stegall Milo Alcott
Paul Yuengert Mr. Wingate
Mickie Teetor Daisy Durdle
Frank Pickering Dr. Robert Dorsey
Mary Helen Backmeyer Minnetonka Small Flower
Boyd Roche Kenneth Moore
Peggy Hoover Honey Wainwright
Gordon Bringle Jack McDougal


Name Position
Norbert Silbiger Director
Howard Hammer Production Manager, Publicity
Edward Atkinson, Jr Stage Manager, Set Construction
Frank Davidson Set Design, Asst Set Construction
Frances A. Barker Set Painter
Mrs. Bette Kellam Property Chairman
Mrs. Leon Newcomer Costume Chairman
Grace Arbogast Make-Up Chairman
Manley Lawrence Lighting
Mrs. Deskin Jones House Manager
Mrs. J. D. Cloud Program Editor
Elmira Kempton Program Cover Design
Paul Yuengert Program Advertising
John Graf Transportation
Bill Honan Photographer
Mrs. Howard Sweet Ticket Reservations
Maurice Lukemire Asst. Set Construction
E. M. Atkinson Asst. Set Construction
Thomas Atkinson Asst. Set Construction
Lewis Stanley Asst. Set Construction
Helen Wilson Asst. Set Painter
Mrs. Norma Wharton Asst. Set Painter
Mr. Ray Miller Asst. Properties
Mrs. Ray Miller Asst. Properties
Mrs. Harold Jordan Asst. Properties
Mrs. Eva Bevington Asst. Properties
Mrs. Eugene Stegall Asst. Properties
Denver Cain Asst. Properties
Mrs. Maurice Lukemire Asst. Properties
Mrs. Jack Fisher Asst. Costumes, Asst. Reservations
Mary Louise Dillion Asst. Make-Up
Mrs. Ellis Porter Asst. Make-Up
Mrs. Tom Regensburg Asst. Make-Up
Walter Jellison Asst. Lighting
Elbert Williams Asst. Lighting
Everett Harris Asst. Lighting
Walter Luther Asst. Lighting
Earl Duvall Asst. Lighting
Andrew Herlits Asst. Lighting
Allen Goff Asst. Lighting
Mary Ellen Atkinson Switchboard & Sound
Bill Magaw Switchboard & Sound
Donna Kitchel Switchboard & Sound, Asst Programs
George Meyers Switchboard & Sound
Dr. Kathleen Postle Asst. Programs
Ed Nusbaum Asst. Programs
Mrs. Charles Teetor Asst. Advertising
Mrs. Fred Woods Asst. Advertising
Peg Hoover Asst. Advertising
Mrs. Robert Behrman Asst. Reservations
Mrs. Robert Galloway Asst. Reservations
Mrs. George Hull Asst. Reservations
Mrs. Robert Herbst Asst. Reservations
Mrs. Charles Kem Asst. Reservations
Mrs. E. H. Harris Jr Asst. Reservations
Mrs. Ralph Ahl Asst. Reservations
Mrs. John Mader Asst. Reservations
Mrs. C. V. Sage Asst. Reservations
Mrs. I. C. Davis Asst. Reservations
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