"Reclining Figure" by Harry Kurnitz

"Reclining Figure" was the first play by the prolific screenwriter Harry Kurnitz.


The play is about painters and their patrons and the tricks of the dealers and collectors who prey on them. All of the action takes place in the library of Lucas Edgerton's home in Pasadena, California.

Act 1: Morning
Act 2: Evening, the same day.
Act 3: The following morning.


  • William
  • Samuel Ellis
  • Cass Edgerton
  • Lucas Edgerton
  • Agramonte
  • Paul Weldon
  • Jonas Astorg
  • Denesco
  • Dr. Hickey
  • Professor Jumelle

Production History

Date Venue Company
Dec 25, 1954 Holiday Theatre
Oct 7, 1954 Lyceum Theatre
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