"Remains To Be Seen" by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

According to Variety, "Yarn involves two main plot lines…One is about the apparently natural, but puzzling and complicated death of a rich reformer and collector of erotica, and the efforts of police to unravel the increasingly strange details. The other concerns the romance between a dynamic, redheaded band singer and the milquetoast manager of the apartment house residence of the dead man." But the chief attraction of the play lies in the persons of an irrepressible jazz drummer, and of a delightful band singer, who romp through the comedy in scene after scene of hilarious fun.


The entire action takes place in the living room of the Park Avenue apartment of Travis Revercombe.

  • Act 1, Scene 1: Evening, shortly after ten o'clock
  • Act 1, Scene 2: Later that night
  • Act 2, Scene 1: The following afternoon
  • Act 2, Scene 2: Late that night.
  • Act 3: Half an hour later


  • Edward Miller
  • Benjamin Goodman
  • Dr. Charles Gresham
  • Waldo Walton
  • Dr. Chester Delapp
  • Robert Clark
  • Fred Fleming
  • Tony Minetti
  • Morris Rosenberg
  • Jody Revere
  • Hideo Hayakawa
  • Valeska Chauvel
  • Al, the porter
  • Lieut. Casey
  • Detective

Production History

Date Venue Company
Oct 6, 1952 Indiana Theatre Richmond Civic Theatre
Oct 3, 1951 Morosco Theatre
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