"Rosemary" by Louis N. Parker and Murray Carson

From the fifth season of the Empire Theatre and the fifth season under the management of Charles Frohman. "Rosemary" by Louis N. Parker and Murray Carson. This page is being creating as temporary holding for information on this playbill so that the original does not need be disturbed a 2nd time when put into our new upcoming database.

Character Actor
Sir Jasper Thorndyke John Drew
Professor Jogram Daniel Harkins
Capt. Cruickshank, R.N. Harry Harwood
William Westwood Arthur Byron
George Minifie Grahame Henderson
Abraham Frank Lamb
Mrs. Cruickshank Mrs. Annie Adams
Mrs. Minifie Mrs. King
Priscilla Ethel Barrymore
Dorothy Cruickshank Maude Adams

Act 1: High Road: Exterior of Sir Jasper Thorndyke's Park. Sir Jasper makes a mistake.
Act 2: Dining-Room at Ingle Hall. Sir Jasper makes amends.
Act 3: Upper Room in Mrs. Minifie's Coffee-House, in London. Sir Jasper forgets.
Act 4: Same Room as Act III, But Fifty Years Have Elapsed. Sir Jasper remembers.

Costumes by Dazian. Gowns by Helen Windsor. Scenery by E. G. Unitt. Incidental Music by W. W. Furst. Stage direction of Joseph Humphreys. (Programme continues on 2nd page following but the rest is missing.)

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