"The Long Strike" - Alcazar Theater (1890)

The information on this production was published in the San Francisco Call on April 21, 1890. As it was only an advertisement, the full cast wasn't listed.


Name Role
Joseph R. Grismer unknown
Phoebe Davies unknown


Name Role
Dion Boucicault writer

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - April 22, 1890

"The Long Strike"

Opened to a full house at the Alcazar last evening and the best possible under the circumstances was done with it. We are advised that owing to the miscarriage of a contract through the mails, the coming of the "Alone in London" company, who are booked at the Alcazar for the week of April 25th, was unforeseen, and Jos. R. Grismer and Phoebe Davis had been engaged to fill that week. The manager of the "Alone in London" company has arrived, and to relieve the management of the Alcazar Theater from any trouble, Mr. Grismer will retire, closing his engagement with "The Long Strike" and reappearing at a later date. The week of April 28th will be occupied by "Alone in London" instead of "East Lynne."

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