"Across the Continent" - Alcazar Theater (1890)

Our information on "Across the Continent" at the Alcazar comes from ads and the below article printed in The Call in May of 1890.

Name Role
Oliver Byron Joe Ferris
James Carden
Miss Ethel Brandon
Leo Cooper
Scott Cooper
Harry Davenport
Fanny Young
Miss Isabelle Archer-Davenport

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - May 11, 1890

Oliver Byron

Supported by the theater's stock company, will be the attraction at the Alcazar this week, bringing the well-known melodrama, "Across the Continent," to bear again on our public. The piece is said to have been played over 1200 times, and this tenacity of existence argues strong vitality. Byron himself has been before the American public for nearly twenty years as a sensational actor, and therefore, the man and his plays are pretty well known. He puts in a claim to be considered one of the leading sensational actors of the period, and "the great exponent of American melodrama of the best and cleanest type." The management will make every effort to insure the engagement a success. We notice that Mr. James Carden, Miss Ethel Brandon, both Leo and Scott Cooper, Harry Davenport, Fanny Young and Miss Isabelle Archer-Davenport are in the cast, names that cannot fail to impart strength to it. Byron, himself, does not appear till the second act, where he plays Joe Ferris, the Ferret.

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