"A Scrap of Paper" - Baldwin Theater (1890)

The information for this production comes from ads and articles published in the California Call in April of 1890.


Name Role
Seymour Hicks Archie Hamilton

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - April 3, 1890

Holy Week has not, so far, interfered materially with the Kendals' engagement at the Baldwin. They are closing out with a repetition of some of their previously produced pieces. Last night it was "A Scrap of Paper." This evening it will be "Impulse." Mr. Seymour Hicks, who plays leading juvenile, has been attacked by a serious illness and another member of the company has had to take his business. He played on the first night Archie Hamilton, the ward of Dr. Penguin, in the "Scrap," and played it very well, too. The peninsular climate is not good for the English constitution, it would seem, when the subject is a player. It is better for the California-street bank clerk of the same nationality, who appears to be impregnable. For the "Bostonians" the sale begins this morning, and the demand is urgent and large for the fortnight. The orders cover every change of opera, the management wisely announcing the changes beforehand.

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