"Drum Major's Daughter" - Tivoli Opera (1890)

The limited information on The Drum Major's Daughter at the Tivoli Opera House is from ads printed in the California Call in April 1890.


Name Role
Mme. Emily Soldene
Mr. Wm. H. Hamilton

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - April 22, 1890

"The Drum Major's Daughter"

Offenbach's tuneful work, "The Drum Major's Daughter, now being sung at the Tivoli Opera House, is a most enjoyable evening's entertainment. The solo work, choruses, orchestration and general ensemble leave little room for fault-finding. Miss Emily Soldene has already re-established herself as a favorite after her protracted absence from the San Francisco stage. Mr. W. H. Hamilton's solos are a genuine treat to listen to. "The Drum Major's Daughter" will keep the boards for an indefinite term.

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