"Fra Diavolo" - Tivoli Opera House (1890)

Our information for this production of the opera "Fra Diavolo" at the Tivoli Opera House is based on ads and the below articles published in the San Francisco Call in May 1890. One interest change of note in this production is that character of Lord and Lady Cockburn being renamed to Lord and Lady Allcash.


Name Role
Harry Gates Fra Diavolo
Henry Norman Lord Allcash
Arthur Messmer Lorenzo
Francis Gaillard Beppo
W. A. Hamilton Giacomo
George Harris Matteo
Alice Gaillard Lady Allcash
Tellula Evans Zerlina

Newspaper Articles

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California) - May 18, 1890

The Favorite Old Fraile

The Tivoli management will come back to Auber's romantic operatic drama "Fra Diavolo" to-morrow evening, distributing the few principal characters in the cast as follows: (see above)

Perhaps the general reader may like to know that "Fra Diavolo" was the sobriquet of Michel Pozza, a Calabrian insurgent and brigand chief. In 1799 Cardinal Ruffo made him a Colonel in the Neapolitan army, but in 1806 he was captured by the French and hanged at Naples. The libretto of Auber's music was written by Augustin Eugene Scribe, who has managed under the lightest and most agreeable persiflage to conceal every trace of the true character of the brigand chief. Mr. Harry Gates, who is now the tenor at this theater, will have opportunities in his role for showing his voice, particularly in the bandit's song to Zerlina and his serenade to Lady Allcash, "The Gondolier."

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