Shock School House

Nothing is currently known of the Shock School House and it most likely was an actual school house rather than a theater. The only clue to its location in our single program for this venue is a reference to "First-class Music" by "One of the Canton Orchestras". Researching the names listed in the program show that many of them lived in Canton, Ohio. However, there is no school listed by this name in the Canton city directory of 1891, just two years after the program was printed. Various articles in The Stark County Democrat (Canton) make some minor references to the building between 1888 and 1905. In Feb of 1888 a William Green broke into "Mr. Stouffer's house" two miles south-east of Canton and stole some canned fruit. As he left he was seen by "some of the school children at Shock's School House." The children "ballooed" at him and he fired his gun at the children, but did not hit any of them. He was later arrested. The names Ira and Charles Stauffer appear in the 1889 play cast list, perhaps this was the same family. John and Susan Shock also lived "two miles from Canton" according to the 1884 obituary of Susan Shock. A May 1885 article refers to the old Shock farm as being "three and a half miles southeast of Canton". It seems likely that the Shock and Stauffer families were neighbors and that a School House was on or near the Shock property and therefore known as the Shock School House. The School House may have also been a donation of the Shock family as they seem to have been prominent in the area.

At least one additional performance was held there by the Center Hill Dramatic Club on the evening of February 3 and 4, 1905 with a production of "Village Belle". No information is given in the newspaper other than a mention of the performance.

Production History

Date Play Company
Feb 3, 1905 Village Belle Center Hill Dramatic Club
Apr 5, 1889 The Confederate Spy
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