"The Confederate Spy" - Shock School House (1889)

Our original playbill, or broadsheet, for this production of "The Confederate Spy" at the "Shock School House" is dated for 7:30 PM sharp on April 5, 1889. It was described as "Grand Entertainment given at the Shock School House, for the benefit of School Library." Admission was 15 cents and 10c for children under 12.


Name Role
Ira Stauffer George Waterman
Lee Williams Philip Bradley
Charles Stauffer Fred. Ainsley
John Shock Major Gen. Banks
Frank Roth Col. Willard
Jas. LeBeau Officer Mulgarry
John Heltzel Clay
Hiram Shaub Sockery Schnudelbecker
Laura Myres Mrs. Waterman
Flora Heltzel Maud Bradley
Minnie Parker Norah McLeggin
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