"Sly Fox" by Larry Gelbart

Based on "Volpone" by Ben Jonson, the setting was changed from Renaissance Venice to late 19th century San Francisco and the style changed from satire to a farce.


The action takes place in San Francisco one day in the late 1800's.

Foxwell J. Sly has his assistant Simon Able spread the word that he is wealthy, dying, making a will, and might be moved to make a bequest if showered with gifts.

Able, though, would rather have the money for himself, and the intricate plotting of the two, and the schemes of those who would fleece Sly himself produce a farcical plot on which Gelbart's hangs his witticisms.

Act One

  • Scene 1: Sly's Bedroom
  • Scene 2: Truckle Living Room
  • Scene 3: Crouch's Office
  • Scene 4: Sly's Bedroom

Act Two

  • Scene 1: A Jail Cell
  • Scene 2: The Courtroom
  • Scene 3: Sly's Bedroom


  • Simon Able
  • Sly's Servants
  • Foxwell J. Sly
  • Lawyer Craven
  • Jethro Crouch
  • Abner Truckle
  • Miss Fancy
  • Mrs. Truckle
  • Crouch's Servant
  • Captain Couch
  • The Chief of Police
  • 1st Policeman
  • 2nd Policeman
  • 3rd Policeman
  • Bailiff
  • Court Clerk
  • The Judge

Production History

Date Venue Company
Apr 1, 2004 Ethel Barrymore Theatre
Dec 14, 1976 Broadhurst Theatre
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