Name Source
Balanchine, George Nureyev & Friends
Bournonville, August Nureyev & Friends
Bruhn, Erik Nureyev & Friends
Butler, John The Consul
Derricks, Marguerite A Class Act
Faison, George The Wiz
Feliz, Seymour Peggy-Ann
Fosse, Bob bio
Gattelli, Christopher The Ritz
Gennaro, Liza One Upon a Mattress
Gregory, Chris A Class Act
Holm, Hanya Kiss Me, Kate
Limón, José Nureyev & Friends
Marshall, Kathleen Grease
Reinking, Ann Chicago
Rive, Cleone Edmund Kean
Taylor, Paul Nureyev & Friends
White, Onna Working
Wise, Scott A Class Act

Composers / Song Writers

Name Source
Adam, Adolphe Chalet
Birkenhead, Susan Working
Brourman, Michele Working
Carnelia, Craig Working
Casey, Warren Grease
Coleman, Charles H. The Wiz
Coleman, Cy I Love My Wife
Coughlin, Bruce One Upon a Mattress
Dolginoff, Stephen Thrill Me
Eastwood, Tom Look Back in Anger
Faison, George The Wiz
Gesner, Clark You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Grant, Micki Working
Graphenreed, Timothy The Wiz
Halsted, Edvard Nureyev & Friends
Handel, George Frederic Nureyev & Friends
Hoffmann, Gertrude A Night in Spain
Jacobs, Jim Grease
Janik, Ada Torch Song Trilogy
Jurist, Irma Caesar and Cleopatra
Kalman, Emmerich The Circus Princess
Kander, John Chicago
Kater, Peter The Seagull
Kleban, Edward A Class Act
Menotti, Gian-Carlo The Consul
Offenbach, Jacques bio
Pitot, Genevieve Kiss Me, Kate
Porter, Cole Kiss Me, Kate
Purcell, Henry Nureyev & Friends
Reader, Ralph A Night in Spain
Rodgers, Mary bio
Rodgers, Richard bio
Rosenthal, Laurence Rashomon
Sadoff, Simon Nureyev & Friends
Schwartz, Jean A Night in Spain
Schwartz, Stephen Working
Sekacz, Ilona les liaisons dangereuses
Silverman, Stanley Saint Joan
Smalls, Charlie The Wiz
Stern, Eric One Upon a Mattress
Stravinsky, Igor Nureyev & Friends
Taylor, James Working
Vandross, Luther The Wiz
Wasson, Craig Death of a Salesman
Wheeler, Harold The Wiz

Costume Designs

Name Source
Aldredge, Theoni V. bio
Ayers, Lemuel Kiss Me, Kate
Ballard, Lucinda The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Bernstein, Aline The Happy Time
Boccia, Arthur Death of a Salesman
Borden, Noël K2
Bromelmeier, Martha Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Brooks, Donald Holiday
Brown, Zack Saint Joan
Carroll, Kate Blur
Chaffee, Mrs. Jerome The Gift of Eternal Life
Crow, Laura The Seagull
Frankel, Beulah The Show-Off
Gerard, Rolf Caesar and Cleopatra
Goldstein, Jess The Memory of Water
Greenwood, Jane bio
Harris, James Berton The Runner Stumbles
Hicks, Ami Mali The Road to Rome
Holder, Geoffrey The Wiz
Hould-Ward, Ann Saint Joan
Houston, Grace The Consul
Kimmel, Alan You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Lawrence, Pauline Nureyev & Friends
Long, William Ivey bio
Lyall, Susan As Is
Messel, Oliver Rashomon
Mooring, Mark Peggy-Ann
Morley, Ruth Deathtrap
Morrison, Paul On Borrowed Time
Motley Look Back in Anger
Paar, Jennifer Thrill Me
Pakledinaz, Martin Grease
Parker, Carolyn The Visit
Philips, Mardi Torch Song Trilogy
Potts, Nancy Chemin de Fer
Powell, Michael Warren As Is
Robbins, Carrie A Class Act
Roche, Emeline Anna Christie
Roth, Ann Death and the Maiden
Schranns, Ernest A Night in Spain
Schraps, E. R. The Circus Princess
Schuette, James Blur
Simonson, Lee The Road to Rome
Slaiman, Marjorie Working
Smith, Oliver Five Finger Exercise
Spencer, Frank The Ponder Heart
Stone, Daryl The Memory of Water
Tacit, George Nureyev & Friends
Talsky, Ron I Love My Wife
Taylor, Noel bio
Walker, Bill Loot
Weiss, Julie bio
Weldy, Max bio
Wolsky, Albert Sly Fox
Woolard, David C. A Few Good Men
Yavich, Anita Red
Zipprodt, Patricia bio


Name Source
Atwill, Lionel bio
Bard, Margaret As Is
Berghof, Herbert Poor Murderer
Bobbie, Walter Chicago
Boyd, George As Is
Brown, Gilmor bio
Burrows, Abe Reclining Figure
Caldwell, Zoe Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Carlyle, Warren Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Clark, John Saint Joan
Coe, Fred In Praise of Love
Davies, Howard les liaisons dangereuses
Douglas, Robert The Ponder Heart
Fosse, Bob bio
Gielgud, John Five Finger Exercise
Glenville, Peter bio
Gordon, Michael bio
Gutierrez, Gerald One Upon a Mattress
Hardy, Joseph You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Hardwicke, Cedric Caesar and Cleopatra
Hofsiss, Jack bio
Holder, Geoffrey The Wiz
Huffman, J. C. The Circus Princess
Jamison, Marshall On Borrowed Time
Judels, Charles A Night in Spain
Kazan, Elia The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Langham, Michael Saint Joan
Ledner, Sam George White's "Scandals"
Lewis, Albert The Spider
Lewis, Robert The Happy Time
Logan, Joshua South Pacific
Lonergan, Lester The Road to Rome
Mantello, Joe The Ritz
Manulis, Martin The Show-Off
Marshall, Kathleen Grease
Mason, Marshall W. bio
Meadow, Lynne bio
Menotti, Gian-Carlo The Consul
Milton, Robert Peggy-Ann
Montel, Michael Holiday
Moore, Robert Deathtrap
Nichols, Mike Death and the Maiden
Pendleton, Austin The Runner Stumbles
Penn, Arthur Sly Fox
Petrarca, David Red
Pope, Peter Torch Song Trilogy
Porter, Stephen Chemin de Fer
Prince, Harold The Visit
Queen, Murray Jay Peggy-Ann
Quintero, José A Touch of the Poet
Richardson, Tony Look Back in Anger
Ross, Herbert Chapter Two
Rupert, Michael Thrill Me
Saks, Gene bio
Scardino, Don A Few Good Men
Schreiber, Terry K2
Schwartz, Stephen Working
Scott, George C. bio
Sels, Jane George White's "Scandals"
Stucliffe, Alison Edmund Kean
Susskind, Phyllis R. Rashomon
Taras, John Nureyev & Friends
Tillinger, John bio
Van Buren, A. H. Crime
Varnel, M. H. The Circus Princess
White, Onna I Love My Wife
Wilson, John C. Kiss Me, Kate

Libretto / Book Writers

Name Source
Atteridge, Harold A Night in Spain
Barer, Marshall One Upon a Mattress
Brown, William F. The Wiz
Casey, Warren Grease
Dolginoff, Stephen Thrill Me
Ebb, Fred Chicago
Fields, Herbert Peggy-Ann
Fosse, Bob Chicago
Fuller, Dean One Upon a Mattress
Grunwald, Alfred The Circus Princess
Hammerstein, Oscar (II) bio
Jacobs, Jim Grease
Kline, Linda A Class Act
Logan, Joshua South Pacific
Menotti, Gian-Carlo The Consul
Schwartz, Stephen bio
Spewack, Bella Kiss Me, Kate
Spewack, Sam Kiss Me, Kate
Stewart, Michael I Love My Wife
Thompson, Jay One Upon a Mattress
Wells, William K. George White's "Scandals"
White, George George White's "Scandals"

Lighting Designers

Name Source
Adams, Kevin A Class Act
Aronstein, Martin Ghosts
Baker, Brandon Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Bay, Howard Poor Murderer
Billington, Ken bio
Borowka, Scott Blur
Brammar, Julius The Circus Princess
Collins, Pat One Upon a Mattress
Davidson, Michael You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Demous, John Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Edwards, Ben bio
Eisenhauer, Peggy The Ritz
Emmons, Beverly bio
Fisher, Jules bio
Frankel, Beulah The Show-Off
Hemsley, Gilbert V. (Jr) I Love My Wife
Holder, Donald The Memory of Water
Hughes, Allen Lee K2
Ingalls, James F. Red
Jenkins, George Sly Fox
Lichtenstein, Todd As Is
Lowney, Jeffrey The Memory of Water
MacDevitt, Brian Blur
McLain, John Saint Joan
Mielziner, Jo bio
Morrison, Paul On Borrowed Time
Musser, Tharon bio
Nelson, Richard bio
Orrick, Katy les liaisons dangereuses
Parichy, Dennis As Is
Parry, Chris les liaisons dangereuses
Pearson, Anthony Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Pinkney, Scott Torch Song Trilogy
Posner, Kenneth Grease
Rosenthal, Jean bio
Skelton, Thomas R. bio
Sturchio, Mal As Is
Thacker, Cheryl The Runner Stumbles
Watt, John Edmund Kean
Weaver, Thom Thrill Me
Weiss, Marc B. Deathtrap


Name Source
Barer, Marshall One Upon a Mattress
Birkenhead, Susan Working
Brammar, Julius The Circus Princess
Brown, Lew George White's "Scandals"
Bryan, Al A Night in Spain
Carnelia, Craig Working
Casey, Warren Grease
Daniele, Graciela Working
DeSylva, B. G. George White's "Scandals"
Dolginoff, Stephen Thrill Me
Ebb, Fred Chicago
Gesner, Clark You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Grant, Micki Working
Grunwald, Alfred The Circus Princess
Hammerstein, Oscar (II) bio
Jacobs, Jim Grease
Kleban, Edward A Class Act
Landers, Matt Working
Porter, Cole Kiss Me, Kate
Rodgers, Mary Working
Schwartz, Stephen bio
Smalls, Charlie The Wiz
Stewart, Michael I Love My Wife
Taylor, James Working

Music Directors

Name Source
Billig, Robert Chicago
Davenport, Pembroke Kiss Me, Kate
Dell'isola, Salvatore South Pacific
Ellison, Todd bio
Grigsby, Kimberly Grease
Gwozdz, Eugene Thrill Me
Lebowsky, Stanley Chicago
Levy, Ned Torch Song Trilogy
Miller, John I Love My Wife
Pierson, Tom The Wiz
Reinhardt, Stephen Working
Schippers, Thomas The Consul
Vaccariello, Patrick Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Wiegert, Rene Pippin
Wietrzychowski, Stanley Poor Murderer

Playwrights & Translators

Name Source
Barry, Philip Holiday
Bart, Jean The Squall
Bernstein, Henri The Thief
Boucicault, Dion The Long Strike
Brentano, Lowell The Spider
Campbell, Bartley The White Slave
Chambers, C. Haddon The Thief
Chekov, Anton The Seagull
Chodorov, Jerome The Ponder Heart
Deval, Jacques Her Cardboard Lover
Donnelly, H. Grattan Later On
Dorfman, Ariel Death and the Maiden
Dürrenmatt, Friedrich The Visit
Emmett, Kate The Waifs of New York
Feydeau, Georges Chemin de Fer
Fields, Joseph The Ponder Heart
Fierstein, Harvey Torch Song Trilogy
Fitzsimons, Raymund Edmund Kean
French, David The Seagull
Gelbart, Larry Sly Fox
Grossman, Suzanne Chemin de Fer
Grover, Leonard Lost in New York
Grundy, Sydney A White Lie
Hampton, Christopher les liaisons dangereuses
Hart, Joseph Later On
Herter, Albert The Gift of Eternal Life
Hoffman, William M. As Is
Horovitz, Israel Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Howard, Bronson Shenandoah
Hymer, John B. Crime
Ibsen, Henrik Ghosts
Jessop, George H. A Gold Mine
Kelly, George The Show-Off
Kanin, Fay Rashomon
Kurnitz, Harry Reclining Figure
Levin, Ira Deathtrap
MacKaye, Steele Hazel Kirke
Matthew, Brander A Gold Mine
Maugham, W. Somerset The Constant Wife
McNally, Terrence The Ritz
Meyers, Patrick K2
Molnár, Ferenc The Play's the Thing
Nugent, Elliott bio
O'Neill, Eugene A Touch of the Poet
Orton, Joe Loot
Osborn, Paul On Borrowed Time
Osborne, John Look Back in Anger
Oursler, Fulton The Spider
Pinero, Arthur Wing The Magistrate
Pomerance, Bernard The Elephant Man
Rattigan, Terence In Praise of Love
Shaffer, Peter Five Finger Exercise
Shaw, George Bernard bio
Sherwood, Robert Emmet The Road to Rome
Shipman, Samuel Crime
Slade, Bernard Same Time, Next Year
Sorkin, Aaron A Few Good Men
Stitt, Milan The Runner Stumbles
Taylor, Samuel The Happy Time
Thomas, Gus The Burglar
Thurber, James The Male Animal
Valency, Maurice The Visit
Wallack, Lester Rosedale
Whitehead, Paxton Chemin de Fer
Wodehouse, P. G. bio
Wyngate, Valerie bio


Name Source
Abbott, Michael Rashomon
Adams, Wayne The Runner Stumbles
Aldrich, Richard Caesar and Cleopatra
Allen, Lewis A Few Good Men
Allen, Ralph G. Ghosts
Andrews, Lyle D. Peggy-Ann
Azenberg, Emanuel Chapter Two
Bach, Steven Same Time, Next Year
Berlind, Roger Death and the Maiden
Bernstein, Ira Chicago
Bloomgarden, John Poor Murderer
Bloomgarden, Kermit Poor Murderer
Brady, William A. bio
Brisson, Frederick Five Finger Exercise
Brown, David A Few Good Men
Cantor, Arthur In Praise of Love
Cohen, Alexander H. Edmund Kean
Costin, William G. (Jr) On Borrowed Time
Cowles, Chandler The Consul
Cresson, James Chicago
Crinkley, Richmond The Elephant Man
Cusick, Peter Reclining Figure
de Liagre, Alfred (Jr) Deathtrap
Epstein, Dasha Same Time, Next Year
Farkas, Jonathan les liaisons dangereuses
Fields, Lew Peggy-Ann
Fleischmann, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra
Fox, Robert Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Frank, Mary K. K2
Friedman, Stephen R. Working
Fryer, Robert Chicago
Glines, John bio
Golden, John The Male Animal
Gottlieb, Morton bio
Grade, Sir Lew Sly Fox
Graham, Stephen les liaisons dangereuses
Green, Morris The Squall
Grove, Barry A Class Act
Hale, Randolph On Borrowed Time
Hammerstein, Oscar (2nd) bio
Harper, Ken The Wiz
Harris, Joseph Working
Harris, Sam H. The Spider
Heilweil, David The Show-Off
Ian, David Grease
Jones, A. L. The Squall
Katzka, Gabriel Same Time, Next Year
Hayward, Leland South Pacific
Kazan, Elia The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Kierstead, Jim Thrill Me
Kipness, Joseph I Love My Wife
Kladitis, Manny bio
Kopelman, Charles P. Loot
Krakeur, Richard W. On Borrowed Time
Kramer, Terry Allen bio
Lane, Lawrence bio
Lee (Mr) The Circus Princess
Levin, Kathy Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Lewis, Albert The Spider
Logan, Joshua South Pacific
Lortel, Lucille As Is
Lynn-Thomas, Derrick The Show-Off
Margolis, Henry M. Reclining Figure
Markinson, Martin Torch Song Trilogy
Marsolais, Ken Poor Murderer
Martin, Elliot A Touch of the Poet
McCann, Elizabeth Ireland bio
Merrick, David bio
Meyer, Irwin Working
Miller, Gilbert bio
Minskoff, Jerome les liaisons dangereuses
Montalvo, Frank I Love My Wife
Morgan, James Thrill Me
Morgan, Willard The Runner Stumbles
Mount, Thom Death and the Maiden
Myers, Richard Caesar and Cleopatra
Nederlander, Gladys Death and the Maiden
Nederlander, James M. bio
Nichols, Paul Grease
Nugent, Nelle The Elephant Man
Ostrow, Stuart Pippin
Persson, Gene You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Rigby, Harry I Love My Wife
Rodgers, Richard bio
Schuman, Edward L. Same Time, Next Year
Shubert, Lee The Thief
Simon, Mark Loot
Smith, Hardy Rashomon
Starger, Martin Sly Fox
Stevens, Roger L. bio
Subber, Saint bio
Susskind, David Rashomon
Timmermann, Bonnie Death and the Maiden
van den Ende, Joop One Upon a Mattress
Waissman, Kenneth Torch Song Trilogy
Weissler, Barry Chicago
Weissler, Fran Chicago
Weldon, Duncan C. Saint Joan
White, George George White's "Scandals"
Whitehead, Robert bio
Whitelaw, Arthur You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Wilson, Peter Edmund Kean
Wiman, Dwight Deere The Road to Rome
Wood, Cynthia K2
Woods, A. H. bio
Zimbalist, Efrem (Jr) The Consul
Zollo, Frederick Death and the Maiden

Set Designers

Name Source
Armistead, Horace The Consul
Ayers, Lemuel Kiss Me, Kate
Barratt, Watson bio
Bay, Howard Poor Murderer
Beatty, John Lee bio
Bernstein, Aline The Happy Time
Bourne, Melvin The Male Animal
Burbridge, Edward bio
Castle, W. E. bio
Crowley, Bob les liaisons dangereuses
Edwards, Ben bio
Fox, Frederick Reclining Figure
Gerard, Rolf Caesar and Cleopatra
Harvey, John Rashomon
Herter, Albert The Gift of Eternal Life
Hodgson, Wilbert The Gift of Eternal Life
Hultgren, Kacie Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Jenkins, David bio
Jenkins, George Sly Fox
John, Tom H. The Wiz
Kellogg, Marjorie Bradley bio
Kimmel, Alan You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Lee, Ming Cho K2
Loquasto, Santo Blur
McLane, Derek Grease
Messel, Oliver Rashomon
Mielziner, Jo bio
Mitchell, David bio
Morgan, James Thrill Me
Morrison, Paul On Borrowed Time
Noone, James bio
Pask, Scott The Ritz
Potts, David As Is
Ritman, William bio
Robinson, Clark Peggy-Ann
Roche, Emeline Anna Christie
Rupnik, Kevin Ghosts
Sarr, Thomas Peter les liaisons dangereuses
Simonson, Lee The Road to Rome
Smith, Oliver Five Finger Exercise
Stabile, Bill Torch Song Trilogy
Tagg, Alan Look Back in Anger
Tilley, Martin Edmund Kean
Waller, William Oden bio
Walton, Tony bio
Weidhaus, Gustave George White's "Scandals"
Woodbridge, Patricia The Runner Stumbles
Yeargan, Michael Red

Sound Design

Name Source
Bodeen, Michael Red
Duboff, Jill B. C. Blur
Fitzgerald, T. Richard Saint Joan
Gonzalez, Lou I Love My Wife
Gromada, John bio
Jacob, Abe bio
Lehrer, Scott Chicago
London, Chuck The Seagull
McGregor, Mary Park Your Car in Harvard Yard
Menard, Mark A Class Act
Meola, Tony The Ritz
Milburn, Rob Red
Morse, Tom One Upon a Mattress
Munderloh, Otts bio
Partridge, David Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
Persson, Kenneth Ghosts
Ronan, Brian Grease
Schnirman, David K2
Scorce, Tom Death and the Maiden
Shivers, John Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway
van Tieghem, David Blur
Werkowski, James les liaisons dangereuses
Werner, Stewart bio
Zink, Geoff A Class Act
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